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[Reusable] Roll the Dice: Kart Version (V9.0.0)

From the creator(s) of SRB2's infamous Roll the Dice and Roll the Dice: Deluxe... RTD has come to Kart, with full splitscreen support to boot!

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Dice graphic made by Blacknide
Core is the same as SRB2's Version (made by BlazeTheCat)

NEW To v9.0.0: Auto-Acceleration! Just type RTD_AUTOACCEL in the console to toggle.

With over 30 rolls (and even skin-specific ones for some like Sonic, Metal Sonic, Shadow, Silver and more) in the base and the ability to add your own rolls in the same manner to the SRB2 Version, this mod is ready to create mayhem in races and battles!

Other screenshots:

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The RTD command still exists since it's based off of SRB2's Version, but now a simple press of Custom Button 3 rolls the dice!

If the HUD gets in your way, use the command "rtd_minimal 1" and the dice will neatly tuck away at the top of the screen! Handy, right?

Anyway, that's all I need to say on the Kart version! Have fun!

If you want to dive into the older versions of this mod, download the archives here!

Chain Chomp - Can sometimes persist even when the item is over
Chain Chomp - Can be stripped of if the user is hit by Shrink. (Guess i'll leave it in)
Bullet Bill - Exhaust flame can sometimes disappear, especially when going over FoFs.

Planned future updates:
- Smart Steering
- Rework of the cooldown system to allow players to freely change the default cooldown on the fly.

V9.0.0 - Auto-acceleration added for race mode! Type RTD_AutoAccel to toggle.

v8.0.1 Quick Fix - Fixed a roll issue

v8.0.0 - Bullet Bill item and roll have been added.
- Bullet Bill is manually controlled and can't be cancelled with the item button, unlike the Chain Chomp. However, you can press the Brake button to turn faster. (Has a small chance to appear if Rocket Sneakers are obtained from an item box.)
- New roll for (most) Puyo Puyo players (and Dr. Eggman) Fever/Mean Bean Fever. Press custom button 1 to drop Mean Bean Puyos. (Cooldown to drop: 3 Seconds. Puyo lifespan: 10 seconds)
- New Roll: SPEED OF KIRB. (Activation item: Kitchen sink)
- Not sure if I mentioned this yet, but guaranteed item rolls give an extra (item amount-1) seconds to the roll they give.
- Item Rain: now has a much shorter duration, longer spawn time, certain OP items not spawning, and maximum stacks in a single item drop have been lowered to 5.
- More CTR characters have respective mask invincibilities (no apo apo mask, but his theme is there in the form of a triple mask invincibility, which only certain CTR characters can utilise)
- Spectator music has been added, plus FINALLY the spectator bug has been lifted, meaning players can spectate again! Hooray!

For now, the MB version will not have Holditems support for the custom items, yet the creator did agree I can still host with a version with said support built-in. I'll update to V8.1.0 when holditems has native custom item support.

v7.0.0 - Chain Chomp item has been added.
- Chain Chomp Roll has been added.
- Silver, Metal Sonic, Samus and many others can now force roll the dice. Conditions are: have invincibility in your main item slot and, well, make sure RTD is ready to roll.
- Chain Chomp has a small chance to appear from a grow item if you get it from an item box.
- Accel: Jump high
- Brake: Turn faster
- Custom 3: Shrink
- QoL improvements from RTD Deluxe have been implemented. These are
- Minimal/splitscreen showing non-instant roll names when rolling
- Force Rolling and Getting roll names

V6.1.0 - Instant Rolls now show some text below the cooldown for a second before disappearing.

Disconnections during a roll are accounted for.

The minimal HUD has been shifted 20 more pixels to the right to account for the Hold Items mod.

V6.0.0 Update: Spectators now have a unique RTD hud to indicate they're spectating, however users with a node above the spectator will have the mod break... still. (might put a bounty on the spectate bug or something)
- Crash Bandicoot: Aku Aku has been added to his roll. Aku Aku circles around him in the similar manner as CTR: Nitro Fueled

- Added New rolls for Penta Penguin and Spyro:
Spyro: Sparx Invincibility: Sparx circles around the player. Other than that, Identical to "20 seconds of invincibility"
Penta Penguin: Uka Uka/Aku Aku Invincibility: Depending on which one of the 2 rolls pop up, either Aku Aku or Uka Uka will circle around the player. Other than that, Identical to "20 seconds of invincibility"

Sparx/Aku Aku/Uka Uka now overlays the dice graphic if the player is either Crash, Spyro or Penta Penguin with an Invincibility item in hand. When shown, Custom 3 will instead trigger a custom invincibility with the displayed entity circling around the player.

V5.0.0 Update: Added 3 New Rolls:
Samus: Full Power - Similar to metal sonic's roll, but pressing Custom 1 triggers an explosion that hurts enemies and destroys some items

King K. Rool: Banana Rain V2 - similar in function to DK's roll, but the items fall less frequently. There's a chance an item can be an orbinaut ball, eggman box, mine and an SPB

Crash (internal name: "crashbandicoot"): Aku Aku Invincibility Theme - Functionally identical to the 20 seconds of invincibility, but lasts 1 second longer and uses CTR: Nitro Fueled's Aku Aku theme

R Sonic: Item Rain - Items up to a stack of 30 start appearing near the user. the items grabbed can be stacked up to a maximum of 255 if you combine this with holditems

Banjo & Kazooie now shares DK's Item Rain, albiet with his own theme tune from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
R Sonic shares Vanilla Sonic's Super Sonic Roll

Rolls that are exactly 1 or 2 minutes now truncate the seconds when announced in the chat

Pressing custom 3 while you hold an invuln item in your active slot as Crash now triggers the same Aku Aku invuln theme, but lasts the same as regular invincibility. Neat little easter egg for the new roll, but can be used no matter what state you're in

V4.0.0 Update: Added 5 new rolls:
DK: Banana rain - become invincible while raining bananas from your location!
Nyoom WW and Nyoom standard kart: Super Boost - Similar to Metal Sonic's Roll, but weaker and doesn't last as long
Mini Nyoom: Mega Nyoom - Grow to 2.5x your size while becoming invincible. This is the first roll cancelable via custom 1!
Actual Nyoom boi: Nyoom - Become invincible and constantly boost (even in battle mode). Move so fast you leave a fire trail. Also pushes players near you back. The chorus of "Gas Gas Gas" plays during this roll.

BUFF: Silver's Super Telekinesis is stronger and reaches further.

V3.0.1 Patch: Fixed Metal Sonic's invalid sound file (hopefully)

V3.0.0: Added 3(.5) new rolls:
Shadow: Chaos Control/Chaos Blast (Gametype specific) - Shadow uses either Chaos Control or Chaos Blast depending on the mode. In race, he uses Chaos Control, lasting 10-15 seconds while being able to boost himself at any time by holding custom 1. In battle, he jumps up into the air and performs a Chaos Blast instead. If you've played Shadow the Hedgehog, you know what happens.
Silver: Super Telekinesis - Based off of the Team Ultimate from Team Sonic Racing. Note that the boost doesn't take effect in battle mode. You also gain a telekinesis effect within a small radius around you that knocks players back. Lasts 25 seconds. (Cooldown: 50 seconds)
Metal Sonic: Hyper drive - Based off of the Team Ultimate from Team Sonic Racing. Functionally identical to Silver's roll but lasts 1 second less, has no telekinesis effect and the cooldown is 5 seconds less.

V2.0.0: Super Sonic - now lasts 10-20 seconds instead of lasting indefinitely
Added new files to prep for the upcoming roll.

V1.0.0: Initial Release

Supporters / Co-Authors:
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