Here all the characters that me and my friends has made. There are 3 different file to download :
- The normal pack who has 22 characters.
- The cursed pack who has ... Weird character derived from the main pack. Why whould you want to have this?
- A zip with all the individual character files. Because I know you only want that Wario Striker ; or maybe just the eeveelution.
- 3D model : Only Vulpix, Espeon, Sylveon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, FLareon, Umbreon has 3D model. The zip will also contain model of some character that isn't in this pack. The model are here :

You are allowed to edit the pack as you wish. Just make sure to rename it and to let me know ;)

Warning, the character DCFetus is a pretty vulgar character. He love to use the middle finger and he said a lot of F word.

AllEeveelution done.png (2).gif

Liste of Character :

- Vulpix : by Patafoin & Blueby (SUPAHSTAR WARRIAH) (3D model avaible)
- Glaceon : by Patafoin & Deoxius (3D model avaible)
- Dj Albert : by Patafoin & Blueby (SUPAHSTAR WARRIAH)
- Sylveon & Umbreon : By Patafoin
- Sylveon : by Patafoin & Deoxius (3D model avaible)
- Bisharp : by Patafoin
- Exeggutor : by Patafoin
- Dc Fetus : by Patafoin
- Wario Striker : By Patafoin
- Mork : By Blueby (SUPAHSTAR WARRIAH)
- Mario SMW : by HardSonicStorm
- Classic guy : by Cyber
- Glass Joe : By Patafoin
- Isaac Retro : by Patafoin
- Espeon : By Patafoin (3D model avaible)
- OcPatafoin : by Deoxyius & Patafoin
- Vaporeon : By Patafoin (3D model avaible)
- Flareon : By Patafoin (3D model avaible)
- Weird Umbreon : By patafoin (3D model avaible)
- Jolteon : By patafoin (3D model COMING SOON)
- Leafeon : By patafoin (3D model COMING SOON)
- Queen : By Patafoin
- Cursed Vulpix : by Patafoin
- Cursed Wario Striker : by Patafoin
- Cursed Mork : By Blueby (SUPAHSTAR WARRIAH)
- Sylveon male : by Patafoin
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I think I found a new main after playing around for a little while. Looking forward to racing with Glaceon Triangly.
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Those who don't watch this guys content on youtube may not get his humor right away. The Pokemon racers are from His Eevee at home series. The Vulpix is meant to represent Patafoin himself as one of his representatives. The others though, I have no idea why they exist, but who am I to complain?

I look forward to Racing as Patafoin Vulpix.
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why is smw mario in this pack? he's uglier than godzilla
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Welcome to releases.
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