Golden Sun : Lighthouse map pack

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A small Golden Sun map pack with the 4 Elemental lighthouse as race map : Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars.
The Sol Sanctum as a battle map.
And the magma Rock.

A lot of toad are missing, can you find them all?

Know issue :
Mars Lighthouse : You can be softlock if the lava is trigger while you are still on the ice path. However, you have to be 50s late to make this happen, which is almost not possible.
All LightHouse hell : It has a ton of issue, but... This is why it's an hell map.

Mercury LightHouse : MAPEZ

The water and ice based Lighthouse. Without Ice. The water will start to go up after the first lap.

Venus Lighthouse : MAPFO

The earth and sand based lighthouse. Be carfull of the strong sand stream.


Jupiter Lighthouse : MAPGS

The wind and Thunder based lighthouse. So.. The race took place at the submit far up in the sky. This map is also know as : U turn hell.


Mars Lighthouse : MAPEY

The fire and... fire based lighthouse. This is the end game dungeon of the original game. The world is near to be destroyed. The map is frozen at first but then something happen and Ice become lava.


Sol Sanctum (BATTLE) MAPEW

This place seem to hide a secret...


Magma Rock : MAPEV
Climb this sacred volcano, the cuircuit is actualy inside the montaign. This is map start as a sprint map but finish as a normal cuicuit.
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Latest updates

  1. New race map : Magma Rock

    - Magma Rock : Climb this fire elementtale moment and race inside the volcano. The map start...
  2. Readme.txt

    - Mercury : Changed the way the giant slope jump work. Layout change at the end of the map...
  3. Quick fix to the cut of Mercury Lighthouse. Oops

    Mercury Lighthouse : There Should no longer be a random death plane after the first cut. Added...

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A really fun set of maps each with their own gimmicks and design choices. I was thrilled to see a Golden Sun-based set of maps, but aside from the nostalgia, I really enjoyed each of them as maps. I was especially thrilled to see sprites of the party fighting at certain stages in the levels.
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