srb2 v2.1.x

  1. R

    My Comment for SRB2 Heroez I wanted to comment but it said I don't have insufficient privileges or whatever. My comment is "That team lua is awesome. Can I have it?"
  2. Muffin kid from Brazil

    What if you put srb2 2.1 files in 2.2....

    2.3 LEAKED(just kinding lol) Yeah this is real just look with yours eyes like this modifications in the game
  3. ExenP3570

    Won't Fix Weird 1st-person Camera movement

    Ello there. Idk if you had this in mind to fix or it's just the DOOM engine, but if I go into first-person on look up or down, there is some sort of weird stretch that makes it hard to look down or up when trying to find something. Here are some photos of evidence.
  4. Tempmarrow

    What version of SRB2 Music do you like most?

    I wonder what you guys think are the best music of SRB2 from any version 2.2 and below.
  5. Terionic

    Metal Anyone v2.5

    Metal Anyone What is a Metal Anyone you may be wondering? Metal Anyone is an alternate version of Metal Sonic. Yes, I know there's a ton of these already (in fact I released one a couple of days ago). But this one comes all the way back from 2.1! His main gimmick is his ability copying...
  6. Glineo

    Should I post this?

    For those who are using retro SRB2 music: I made an accurate 2.1 midi title screen to match the digital version. Midis used: Original 2.1 Title screen melody (listen to the guitar) 2.2 credits Here's the original 2.1 and below Title screen midi if you want to know the difference: Reference...
  7. Nirby 74

    What are Some Good SRB2 2.1 Mods

    These are the mods I already have:
  8. Bijman

    [Open Assets] srb2bld - SRB2 Build/Package manager CLI

    Description srb2bld is a shell script, that automates and simplifies process of downloading source code, configuration, compilation, installation to system or creating portable executable bundles of various SRB2 related builds. Features - Compiling and installing 32-bit/64-bit binaries of...
  9. Eldritch64

    SRB2 Debug Mode

    Hey kiddies, ever wanted to have Brak Eggman sitting there in Green Flower Zone? I Well now you can too! I will show you how you can enable Debug Mode in SRB2! (This does work with 2.1 and I'm pretty sure 2.0 aswell) Go into a save file or no save mode, I think it doesn't matter which one you...
  10. P


    Play as Boibig a strange brown creature that has no profile. he cant do any of sonic's moves but he does run faster and can do a double jump Download: 1623430813 Btw you have to add Boibig.wad and Boibig Pk3 1623430851 Boibig...
  11. Giberish4

    SRB2 2.1 CTF Tournament (The 2nd stupidest thing I have ever done on the MB)

    2.2 CTF is cringe in my opinion, so I decided to make a 2.1 CTF tournament to keep 2.1 somewhat relevant to the community. So, I decided to make a tournament for it! Yeah, I know, this is very very stupid considering 2.2 exists, but I prefer 2.1 CTF and I wanna see if anyone will care or do...
  12. Basic Bronze Sonic

    SRB2 version 2.1 Android port discussion?!?!

    Now before I start this I'll acknowledge that yes this thread exists but it's old and is a giant text box that I don't want to edit for the purposes of being more friendly and reflecting the current rules a lot better so with that out of the way I'll start this off. So I found out after looking...
  13. SpectrumUK

    [Open Assets] Texture Randomizer for SRB2, SRB2 Kart, and SRB2P (XL_TextureRandomizer-v1.4.lua) v1.4

    This lua randomizes the textures (and sounds and debris) in the map, or if you set texturerandomizer to 2 (between_levels), it stores the textures and flats (and the textures for sounds and debris) in tables and then randomizes the textures from those tables. It also works in SRB2 Kart, V2.1...
  14. TehRealSalt


    SRB2Randomizer is a mod inspired by the randomizer craze lately, that randomizes as much as possible while still maintaining the playability of the game. It randomizes things ranging from characters used per level, level order, enemy types, monitor contents, token locations, music, and even ring...
  15. C

    [Open Assets] Map Finish Command Execution Lua Script

    The Map Finish Command Execution Lua script allows you to execute console commands when you finish the level. Configs: Commands: Changelog: GIFs:
  16. Sirexer

    Quiet South Island

    I made three new levels with a good skybox and atmospheric. In two levels, there is one emerald token and in Act 3 there will be a battle with Dr. Eggman. the southern island was quiet and calm until Dr. Eggman arrived and robotic innocent animals. You need to free the animals and defeat Dr...
  17. JABSphere94

    [Open Assets] Circuit map pack (R_ChaosCircuit.wad)

    My second map pack, having switched over to zone builder I started to experiment more with slopes along with some old ideas that I had. There's five maps this time: Amber Island Zone, Crumbling Magma Zone, Storm Castle Zone, Asteroid City Zone, and Gravity Hill Zone, flipcam is highly recommend...
  18. Lliteqiel ꙮ

    [Open Assets] New Multiplayer Music [Ogg + bonus HQ MP3 download]

    Hih, today I have for you something I've been very much meaning to showcase: New Multiplayer Music! A music pack consisting of original remasterings of MIDIs + the MIDI files themselves that they were based on, all sequenced by Jarel "Arrow" Jones. The purpose of this is to give more multiplayer...
  19. PencilVoid

    [Open Assets] [Circuit] Lemon Circuit Zone

    A long time ago I tried making some circuit maps, but they were terrible so I scrapped them. A week or so ago I was bored and felt like making a map, and then I realised that I should probably do a circuit map. So I made Lemon Circuit Zone, and now it's here for you to enjoy!* *Enjoyment not...
  20. SSG3

    [Open Assets] Chat Command [Works in SRB2 and SRB2Kart]

    Do your friends not know what a console is? Fear no more with the utility known as Chat-Command! Execute commands in the chat as if it was the in-game console. Usage: cm_<command> (e.g. cm_skin sonic)