srb2 v2.1.x

  1. endlessonic

    [Open Assets] Legacy Animals 2

    Simple Add-on that adds the legacy flickies back into srb2!!! This add-on is perfect for legacy styled stages if you want to make them flickies that fly out of badniks use this in your level header List of animals:
  2. Robercooinn

    Srb2 Jeck Jim's Saturn Models Reborn

    Does anyone know if you can still get the Jeck Jims Saturn Modols Reborn models or if anyone still has them
  3. P

    SRB2 2.1 100% Save data

    so i just got srb2 2.1.25 for funsies and i can't find the save data anywhere, i'd love to see if anyone can provide me it! and if you do, thank you very much!
  4. MK.exe

    Emerald Knoll - GreenFlower Act 4 Port 1.0

    NOTE - COMPLETE GREENFLOWER ACT 1 TO UNLOCK The official Act 4 of GreenFlower is Back! There's not much that's different but there's lots of improvements such as reduction of spike placement and made use of the brambles texture in CEZ as well as some use of UDMF New stuff! Improve knuckles...
  5. Eggy_Rosevelt_91

    Is it me or does old srb2 have a weird but kinda cool "liminal space" feel ?

    I was gonna ask this question in another thread but I feel as if this can stand on its own as a topic
  6. chery

    [Open Assets] sonic octo beta v1.1b

    have fun with the betae AuthorMikeTheDigiFloof online + all custom things are not mine. and Community Asset Pack you need this stuff if u want to play btw
  7. chery

    sonic Octo

    idk the story I have to make it lol.
  8. Metapowah

    Srb2 2.1.14

    So, i was exploring on my old laptop that was from like 2016 or even older i dunno, but the thing is, i found a executable srb2 game, which i remembered i used to play as a kid, and the version is 2.1.14 and.. i dont see it on the archived versions so.. do i give the version? do i send it to a...
  9. tremario1


  10. BattleCrusher135

    SRB2: The Curse of v2.1

    NOTE: This is based on an actual nightmare I had. Yes, it's THAT cliche. One day, I started playing SRB2 2.1 for no reason. (I was just slamming keys, and then I heard Pure Fat) I made a no save file, as I had already beaten the game as Sonic and Tails. I then booted up the game, but the...
  11. sonic Quests

    I am codeing a drift mod

    after accidentally violating rule 15 I just decided to make my own drift mod
  12. Twysted

    V2.1.20 100% save file?

    Hey all, was wondering if anyone had a 100% save file for Version 2.1.x of SRB2. Tried multiple others, but all were for 2.2.x.
  13. Sailor Muffin

    Question about [Open assets] mods

    I really dont know how open asset mods work They are question for like,porting 2.1 open assets mods Here are my questions 1-Do i need to get permission like you need to ask for non-open assets mods? 2-If the creator wasnt online in time and the answer for the first question is yes,is there any...
  14. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Open Assets] Funny Meme

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Funny Meme - What a nightmare you're face to! Read more about this resource...
  15. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Open Assets] Funny Meme v2

    WARNING: This addon contains extreme gore and a lot of violence and is rated M for Merely Immature, I advise you to ask your mom before downloading this. -- Original Warning Post by Lat' (Again removed and Modified it) This is a enhanced version of MotorRoach's funny meme thing. This is...
  16. R

    My Comment for SRB2 Heroez I wanted to comment but it said I don't have insufficient privileges or whatever. My comment is "That team lua is awesome. Can I have it?"
  17. Sailor Muffin

    What if you put srb2 2.1 files in 2.2....

    2.3 LEAKED(just kinding lol) Yeah this is real just look with yours eyes like this modifications in the game
  18. ExenP3570

    Won't Fix Weird 1st-person Camera movement

    Ello there. Idk if you had this in mind to fix or it's just the DOOM engine, but if I go into first-person on look up or down, there is some sort of weird stretch that makes it hard to look down or up when trying to find something. Here are some photos of evidence.
  19. Tempmarrow

    What version of SRB2 Music do you like most?

    I wonder what you guys think are the best music of SRB2 from any version 2.2 and below.
  20. Terionic

    Metal Anyone v2.5

    Metal Anyone What is a Metal Anyone you may be wondering? Metal Anyone is an alternate version of Metal Sonic. Yes, I know there's a ton of these already (in fact I released one a couple of days ago). But this one comes all the way back from 2.1! His main gimmick is his ability copying...