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Similar to Kart, this addon adds a map voting screen to netgames! It even handles things like ties between maps with the same amount of votes, and it allows for server owners to customize the list of gametypes.

IMPORTANT: The intermission timer setting (console command: inttime) will automatically be set to the maximum value. This WILL save over your default setting!

IMPORTANT: Due to a bug in srb2 related to joins during intermissions, some players may be unable to vote or may see inaccurate voting options. This can be solved by using my other script, Intermission Lock.




Console commands:
- the duration of the scoreboard period
votetime - the duration of the voting period
gametypelist - set the list of gametypes using their ID numbers
  • This command can be used with either ID Numbers or gametype names
  • ex: gametypelist 1 2 3
  • ex: gametypelist competition race match
  • There are also some useful presets:
  • gametypelist all - enables everything
  • gametypelist allbutcoop - enables everything except co-op
  • gametypelist ringslinger - enables match, team match, tag, hide&seek, and ctf
  • gametypelist allcustom - enables all non-vanilla gametypes
mapwhitelist - set the list of allowed maps, if you would rather not just use every map. (ex: mapwhitelist f0 f1 f2)
mapblacklist - set the list of disallowed maps, if you would rather not just use every map. (ex: mapblacklist m5)

By default, the enabled gametypes are all vanilla gametypes except coop. To use your own list, use the gametypelist command.

Custom gametype support: MapVote comes with compatability for a handful of custom gametypes:
Special thanks to JJK for adding the weightedrandom feature!
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  1. v9.2

    Hotfixes some issues with v9. Reposting this update since the message boards were reverted 7 days.
  2. v9

    Complete code rewrite and ease of use update (see addon description for details)

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