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Custom Color allows you to edit skincolors in-game, and share them in netgames as well! Simply use the console command "customcolor" to open the menu, and use the mouse and keyboard to create a skincolor quickly and easily. For those who like to work fast, use the tab key or up & down arrow keys to switch color slots while editing.

Currently missing a few features - you cannot set invcolor / invshade / chatcolor yet.
Currently does not support controllers.
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Latest reviews

Just tested it and its so peak, it would be a very efficent tool for modding!
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This is cool, and I found a way to use it on android, but I don't know what button on my Bluetooth keyboard to press, so make sure to let me know!
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I'm an SRB2 Android user, so this is unavailable to me. But based on the videos, it seems cool.
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It's a bit ok but I'm not able to change on mobile how do I do it?
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great work, only complaint i have right now is how jank entering a ramp through the commands is having it accept a ramp without spaces, or with commas would be nice, customcolor_change_value seems to just give an error, im guessing its the command to send the io, because lua, and i dont know if this is a bug or not, but it even allows animated colors with a well made text file, overall 10/10
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This is addon is epac
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aside from the things that are already missing
you cannot put anything aside from letters and numbers on the skincolors name
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pretty neat seeing an in-game skincolor maker, it's also pretty easy to use although I wish it was easier to set a certain range of the palette index instead of manually setting certain colors on the ramp to the same color
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This mod does everything it says! It is also easier than that github page lol. 10/10!!!
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i'm trying to make a good review out of this but i genuinely have no issues it's a super intuitive custom color editor IN-GAME. it does exactly what it says on the tin, and astonishingly well at that.
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