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[Open Assets] Many Minor Tweaks 5.3.1

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MMT (Many Minor Tweaks)!

This mod includes a whole bunch of minor tweaks that can be toggled via an in-game HUD system! You activate the menu using mmtmenu in the console, and with it, you get access to a whole slew of options, each broken up into their own sections.

There are many tweaks, such as the ability to finely control your ability to steer your spin, grant you a grace period to jump after leaving a platform, and even allow your character to run on water! The tweaks are split up into 4 categories: Controls, Enhancements, Super Form Options, Misc. Options, of which you'll find appropriate tweaks within!

Controls - Changes your controls.
  • Spin Steering - Adjusts your ability to steer while spinning.
  • Recurl - Re-curl into a ball in mid-air using the set key.
  • Uncurl - While going fast while spinning, pressing spin again will uncurl you.
  • Tails Drop Ball - Allow Tails to curl up into a ball mid-flight using the set key.
  • Hold Fly - As Tails, hold down the fly button to keep flying.
  • Run On Water - Allows the player to run on water when they get enough speed.
  • Coyote Time - Grants you a split-second to jump while in mid-air.
  • Recovery Jump - Allows you to jump shortly after taking damage.
  • Speedier Spin - If you're super or have super sneakers, spindashes go faster.
Enhancements - Adds flairs, effects, and other adjustments to the game.
  • Preserve Shields - Carry over shields between acts.
  • Fade Music - Fade the music when you clear a level.
  • Token to Rings - With 7 emeralds, emerald tokens grant 50 rings when collected.
  • Angle Stand - Stops character from turning when the camera angle turns
  • Speedy Particles - Spawns dust particles when you're going fast!
  • Multiplayer Special Stages - Allows you to use multiplayer special stages in singleplayer! (does not work with custom exits)
  • Special Stage Ring Animation - When exiting a stage with an emerald token, you get a new animation that mimics the giant ring entrances from classic sonic!
  • Fall Off Edge Animation - Prevents the walking animation from playing when in air.
  • Spring Twirl - Causes the player to twirl when using a spring, ala Sonic CD.
  • Always Render Shields - Renders your shield if you're invincible/super.
  • Decrease Ring Scattering - Make rings no longer scatter farther when you get hit multiple times.
Super Forms Menu - Changes settings around going super.
  • Super Button - Change the button used to go super.
  • Disable Super Music - (requires Super Button) Disables the super form music from playing.
  • Cancel Super - Button to cancel your super form.
  • Super 4 All - Allows super forms for all characters
  • Super Trails - Give the player a ghost behind them when going super.
  • Disable Super Hover - Disable the ability to hover as Super Sonic.
SFX Style - Customizes your player's sound effects.
  • Sound FX Set - Changes all of your sound effects, and ignores other SFX options.
  • Jump
  • Skidding
  • Tails Flight
  • Death
  • Spikes
  • Spindash
  • Spindash Release
  • Spinning
  • Spring
  • Gasp
  • Drowning
Customize Player - Changes your character's properties in single-player.
  • Character - Changes your character!
  • Color - Changes your character's color!
Misc. Options - Other options that don't fit anywhere else.
  • Deaths Counter - Replaces your lives with a death counter.
  • Score-Based Continues - With enough points, player is granted a continue.
  • Classic Shields - Changes the SRB2 shields to their S3K equivalents.
  • Classic Special Stages - When you exit a stage with 50 rings, you'll enter a special stage!
  • Instant Respawn - Instantly respawns the player when they die.
  • Menu Music - Plays music when you open the MMT menu!

Credits (also viewable in-game)
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Latest reviews

Really great mod! It's got lots of great tweaks and features, even some I didn't know I wanted.

I have one problem I've gotta mention though in the hope it gets fixed, somehow the idledelay keeps getting reset back to 0.
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Full of very useful and unquestionably positive changes. Very handy menu allows you to customize the extent to which the addon affects your experience, and it's more extensive than you'd first imagine. Recurl makes springs a lot less obnoxious to use and lots of small customizations like sound effects from the classic games.

My one current gripe is that, while there are configs for controls on some new mechanics like recurl or tails flight cancel, these keybind options are limited. For mechanics like the recurl, this can be especially problematic for custom characters where both jump and spin keys do distinct air actions and going into curl during these actions can be jarring. However, I still love all the features included as standalone enhancements.
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This is a must have mod for me at this point, the gentler CD jump sound, the coyote time, and recovery jump just make this game a much more fun romp in local multiplayer.

Only critiques and suggestions I can give are to maybe give more options adjustability, such as ring spread and coyote time.

Only bug I ran into was that any character that has an attack bound to spin can't go super.
Upvote 0
This mod is really good, great job! tho i'm having issues with 2 options in there
1. "Disable Super Music"
Whenever i have Modern Sonic Loaded, the option in the menu breaks and when i try to change it spawn an error and i can't change it. also, when i change the option in the menu, Modern Sonic command goes "nil" or off
2. "Recurl"
When i have this option ON using the Spin button (i guess Jump has the same error) and im in a NiGHTS Stage, the character start trying to spin when it shouldn't
Upvote 0