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Welcome to...
Sonic Robo Blast 2: Chaotic Edition.

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What is SRB2: Chaotic Edition?
This is a mod that turns SRB2 on it's head, and makes it a game of endurance, seeing if you can complete the level before being knocked on your side by randomized effects. Every 3-10 seconds, a random effect will be applied to the player, in which it can hinder the player, help the player, or do a little bit of both. Each effect has different chances of occurring, whether it be common, or really rare. And a lot of effects have their own randomized elements.
Although there is no limit to the amount of effects that can be applied, generally speaking it's rare to see more than 6 effects applied to the player.
There is a vast amount of customization you can do with the chaotic command, of which you can see below here.

List of Effects
  • Cement Shoes - Fills your shoes with cement! Causes you to fall to the ground really quickly, and reduces your run speed drastically.
  • Giant/Tiny - Causes the player to become giant or tiny, respectively.
  • Fling Player - Throws the player across the map, occassionally slapping the player too!
  • No Abilities - Removes the player's special abilities, such as gliding, thokking, etc. and removes the ability to use shield abilities.
  • Funky Camera - Sets the camera to be either really far away, or really close up.
  • Random Music - Randomizes the music to any given vanilla SRB2 track.
  • I WAS FROZEN TODAY! - Freezes the player in place, disallowing them from moving for a brief period. If you mash the movement keys, you can break free faster!
  • Spawn Object - Spawns a random object above the player, launching it fowards/backwards.
  • Butter Physics - The ground has turned into butter, and you are unable to control yourself. You can gain massive speeds with this!
  • Drifting Left/Right - Your camera is constantly rotating to the left or right.
  • Negative Rings - Causes any stationary rings you collect to remove 1 ring from your total ring count.
  • 2x Rings - The opposite of Negative Rings, causes any stationary rings you collect to grant you two rings instead!
  • Change Character - Changes your character to any characters you may have unlocked or added as a mod.
  • Change Color - Changes your skincolor to a random color.
  • the ride never ends - Your camera is slightly tilted, as if it's some weird dutch angle.
  • Nuke - Causes a nuke shield explosion to happen where you are. If you already have a nuke shield, it doesnt remove it!
  • Darkened Vision - Dims your screen for a little while, with it being much worse in amplify mode.
  • Invert Controls - An amplify mode exclusive effect, it does what it says on the tin.
  • i taketh - Removes various thing from the player, such as a few rings, i-frames, tails' flight time, etc., and also resets the memory used for what effects were applied to you recently!
  • Remove Random Effect - Does what it says, it stops one of the player's current effects from continuing.
  • Gravity Coil - Causes the player to jump higher, and float down much more slowly.
  • Super Jump - Causes the player to jump really high.
  • the pizza is aggressive - ??????????????????
  • Ghost - Turns the player into a ghost, making them unable to interact with most things.
  • Give Good Stuff - Gives the player a random assortment of goodies.
  • Earthquake - Causes an earthquake to happen, and shakes your screen! Doesn't happen on multiplayer with >3 players.
  • Money Bag - Gives the player a good amount of rings for a few seconds.
  • Superring - Gives the player 10 rings.
  • Anti-Superring - Takes away 10 rings from the player.
  • Blackhole - Makes you the center of gravity, objects within a certan vicinity will home in on the player the closer they are to you.
  • COMBO TIME! - Causes two new effects to take it's place when given!
  • Reversed! - Amplify Mode exclusive effect, wherein it rotates the player 180 degrees.
  • Bouncy! - Causes the player to bounce and uncurl every time they land, and also bounce off walls.
  • Lucky! - Causes various good things to happen, such as increasing the chances of good effects, like letting you dodge a hit, causing a random object to turn into a ring box, etc.
  • No Camera Turning - Disallows the player from moving the camera left or right.
  • Firework - A firework's been strapped to you, and you are sent flying high! There's a random chance an explosion will happen at the end of it, which will be indicated a trail fire!
  • Moonjump - Gives the player the double jump ability, and allow you to use it infinite times while in air.
  • Zero Gravity - Removes the player's gravity, making it so they can't fall down.
  • Busted Controller - Amplify Mode exclusive effect, where your controller keeps giving random inputs to your character!
  • Windy Day - It's a very windy day, even indoors! This causes the player to be pushed in varying angles, with varying degrees of force.
  • Sticky Slopes - The hills are really sticky! This makes it hard to go up or down slopes.
  • Bleeding - This causes you to continuously drop rings at varying speeds, because you're bleeding!
  • Pancake - A less severe version of cement shoes, squashing you and your hitbox.
  • PRESS X OR GET HIT - This will silently show up, and demand you press the key. Or you'll get hit! You're given 3 seconds to react and hit the key in time! There's also a chance the reverse happens!
  • Rewind - Teleports you back to a place you previously just were!
  • PANIC - An import from SRB2Khaos, it drastically decreases the time between effects for around 20 seconds, and also increases the chances you get bad effects!
  • Change Sprite - Changes your visual appearance to a different object!
  • Invisible - Does what it says on the tin.
  • Always Watching - The character is rotated to always look at the camera. They Know.
  • HE - has no style, HE has no grace,
  • DVD Screensaver - Causes an obstructive DVD logo to appear and bounce across your screen!

Use "chaotic" as a prefix, and type any of the following here to customize your settings!
Also if the command needs a name with spaces (i.e. Change Character), use quotation marks to contain the phrse!
  • help: Lists all the available commands, and stops the HUD text asking you to check the help.
    -- Options --
  • save/load: Saves or loads your current settings.
  • amplify <on/off>: Enables Amplify Mode, which makes most effects more intense, including directly affecting said effects, increasing their timers, and even introduces new effects.
  • limit <0-8>: Effect Limit, limits the amount of effects that can be applied to the player. Setting it to zero removes the limit.
  • carryover <on/off>: Carries effects between respawns and level loads.
  • memory <0-6>: Allows a certain amount of effects to be remembered, preventing them from occuring until the item is removed from the list.
  • blacklist <(effect name)>: Adds/removes effects from a blacklist. Use "add" or "remove", plus an item, to change the list.
    -- HUD --
  • position <top/bottom>: Adjusts the position of the HUD.
  • timerbar <on/off>: Shows a bar displaying the time until the next effect.
  • rainbow <on/off>: Enables a rainbow effect for the timer bar.
    -- Tweaks --
  • afterfinish <on/off>: Allows effects to continue to be applied after completeing a level, useful for netplay.
  • minwait <3-8>: Changes the minimum amount of time until a new effect occurs.
  • maxwait <4-16>: Changes the maximum amount of time until a new effect occurs.
  • roulettesfx <on/off>: Lets the effect roulette play sounds as it spins through effects.
    -- Misc. --
  • debug <on/off>: Allows for debug functionality, such as printing text to console.
  • noincompat <on/off>: Disables the incompatbility check for all effects. All hell will break loose.
  • autosave <on/off>: Automatically saves settings when a setting is changed.
  • autoload <on/off>: Automatically loads settings when the player first spawns.
  • effectbtn <off/custom1/custom2/custom3/ringtoss/ringtossnormal/weaponnext/weaponprev/spin/jump/tossflag> Instantly applies an effect to the player when pressed. Not available in competitve modes.
  • effecttype <(effect name)>: Supplements effectbtn, wherein a specific effect will be applied when the button is pressed.
  • twoplayertext <on/off>: Shows text when your companion bot (tails) gets an effect.

Additional Credits
  • QuickWolfPT for their "Mirror Mode" mod, specifically the lua script. Was able to use it for the "invert controls" portion of this mod.
  • Tatsuru for their "Slot Machines" mod, was able to use the BootlegAttract function in the script for my own purposes.
  • sprkizard aka szv for customsave_io.lua, I used the Serialize/Deserialize functions found in their script.
  • lua-users for the DeepCopy code, used for transferring tables between local to player variables.

It is highly recommended that if you are to set up a netgame with this, to use the dedicated server feature! Use -dedicated as a launch argument for SRB2 to launch it in dedicated server mode.
It isn't required, but it makes things run a lot smoother, with less chance of effects bugging out.

Since you've read this far...
Check out the sister project for this, SRB2Khaos! It's like this mod, but for SRB2Kart!
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