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Welcome to...
Not to be confused with ChaosKart, a different chaos mod!
They do chaos differently, check them out too! Or combine it with this if you want maximum pain!

This is a port of SRB2: Chaotic Edition to SRB2Kart! This will turn SRB2Kart into a game of endurance, seeing how long you can last with many effects being applied to you and everyone else! Every player has their own timer, where effects get applied to each individual player, ranging from helpful, to neutral, to flatout evil.
Although there's no limit to the amount of effects applied to a player, it generally doesn't go above 6 effects at a time.
Each effect has different chances of occuring, whether it be common, or really rare. And a lot of effects have their own randomized elements. There are also certain effects that apply to other players, depending on it's effects!

There's various commands you can use with khaos <command>, which is listed below the effects. One command an admin can run is khaos amplify on, which turns on Amplify mode. Amplify mode causes all effects to be more potent, last longer, and introduces exclusive effects only found there! This makes playing the mod a lot more tough.

List Of Effects:
  • Cement Tires - Turns your tires into cement, making you slower, heavier, and less able to drift.
  • No Drifting - Disallows the player from drifting!
  • Giant/Tiny - Resizes the player accordingly; different from items that affect your size (in that you're much more bigger/smaller!)
  • Fling Player/Slapped! - Sends the player a considerable amount of distance
  • Random Music - Changes the music to a random track
  • Spawn Object - Spawns different kinds of objects, such as springs, enemies, or GFZ's Eggmobile Boss!
  • Butter Physics - Your tires have been lubricated with butter, you are unable to control yourself as you go real fast!
  • Drifting Left/Right - Your steering wheel is broken, you're constantly veering to the left or right!
  • Change Character - Randomizes your character!
  • Change Color - Changes the color of your player! (does not affect your chosen skin-color on the menu)
  • i taketh - Takes away various stuff from the player, such as your current item, your drift progress, etc.
  • Remove Random Effect - Does what it says on the tin!
  • Gravity Coil - Reduces gravity's effects on the player, causing you to float down slower!
  • Earthquake - Causes a server-wide earthquake, affecting everyone!
  • COMBO TIME! - Applies two different effects to you!
  • Reversed! - Amplify Mode exclusive effect, this rotates you 180 degrees!
  • Bouncy Floors - The floors are bouncy, you are constantly bouncing off of them!
  • Lucky! - You have a 1/2 chance to not get hit by something, and you have a better chance of getting better effects!
  • No Turning - Disallows you from turning for a couple of seconds!
  • Firework - Turns you into a firework, shooting you up into the sky! There's a small chance the player will also explode.
  • Moonjump - You're given a few seconds to spam the Use Item button to continously jump!
  • Zero Gravity - Your gravity has been turned off! You won't fall to the ground anymore, and any vertical momentum you have will be unchanged. You have a high chance of veering off of slopes!
  • Windy Day - The winds are pushing you at constantly changing angles!
  • Incline Problems - Slopes have gotten a lot more traction to stop you from to driving up and down.
  • Hop! - Bounces the player up!
  • PANIC - You are given 16 seconds of effects being applied a whole lot quicker to you, by the end of it you'll probably have 8 effects applied to you at once!
  • Ghost - Turns the player into a ghost, making them intagible to all objects.
  • Timebomb - Turns the player into a ticking time-bomb! When it goes off, the player and any surrounding victims will be blown up!
  • Black Hole - Turns the player into a magnet, attracting most kinds of objects to them!
  • I WAS FROZEN TODAY! - Freezes your kart in place for a few seconds, and freezes your current animation!
Future Plans
When SRB2Kart v2 comes out, there will be more effects to be ported from SRB2: Chaotic Edition! There's some that rely on pre/post think frames, which doesn't exist in SRB2Kart, and there's also a bunch of effects relating to rings, which SRB2Kart v2 will introduce!
Additionally, I still have plans to update SRB2: Chaotic Edition with new effects, of which it might be ported back to this mod!
In the future I might also implement saving of options, but as it currently stands SRB2Kart's lua i/o works vastly differently from SRB2's, possibly preventing such a thing from being allowed.

Khaos Command
Use "khaos" as a prefix, and type any of the following here to customize your settings!
Also if the command needs a name with spaces (i.e. Change Character), use quotation marks to contain the phrse!
help: Lists all the available commands, and stops the HUD text asking you to check the help.
-- Options --
  • enable <on/off>: If set to off, this disables SRB2Khaos from running. Useful if you don't want to restart the server
  • amplify <on/off>: Enables Amplify Mode, which makes most effects more intense, including directly affecting said effects, increasing their timers, and even introduces new effects.
  • limit <0-8>: Effect Limit, limits the amount of effects that can be applied to the player. Setting it to zero removes the limit.
  • carryover <on/off>: Carries effects between respawns and level loads.
  • memory <0-6>: Allows a certain amount of effects to be remembered, preventing them from occuring until the item is removed from the list.
-- HUD --
  • position <top/bottom>: Adjusts the position of the HUD.
  • timerbar <on/off>: Shows a bar displaying the time until the next effect.
-- Tweaks --
  • minwait <3-8>: Changes the minimum amount of time until a new effect occurs.
  • maxwait <4-16>: Changes the maximum amount of time until a new effect occurs.
  • roulettesfx <on/off>: Lets the effect roulette play sounds as it spins through effects.

Additional Credits
  • Tatsuru for their "Slot Machines" mod, was able to use the BootlegAttract function in the script for my own purposes.
Note: at the time of writing, none of the code below is actually functional, however it is still found in the script, ergo still deserves credit.
  • QuickWolfPT for their "Mirror Mode" mod, specifically the lua script. Was able to use it for the "invert controls" portion of this mod.
  • sprkizard aka szv for customsave_io.lua, I used the Serialize/Deserialize functions found in their script.
  • lua-users for the DeepCopy code, used for transferring tables between local to player variables. http://lua-users.org/wiki/CopyTable
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Time for more fun with my friends.
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Well it definitely does what it says on the tin. It's pure chaos and it's both extremely funny and frustrating even playing by yourself.

I got slapped into pits, zoomed through the race with butter physics, experienced joycon drift, grew to the size of godzilla, swapped characters and colors, became an ever consuming void, summoned a boss and flied up to the moon in a single race.
I can't wait to play this with others, welcome aboard!
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