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DISCLAIMER: This is a client-sided mod. It'll only affect the local player - other players will NOT hear your choosen sounds, only yourself.
(Let's pretend this gif has sounds, alright? Captions aren't enough to tell you fully the story.)

If you're ever tired of hearing the same ol' jump sound each time you do it to reach higher places or bop an enemy right in your chase, then this mod might be for you then!
With a bit of fiddling in the console, you'll be able to replace the sound you'll make when doing basic actions, to the ones you might like better. At least within the small list there is to start with... however the future is uncertain, there could be more to be added along the way.
However I'll admit this - I ain't a sound engineer. So chances are that it'll stay a short array of options for the time being.

Now, how to fiddle with it? With the following console variables of course! Note: 0 will disable them. (2nd note: Only characters that use default sounds will have the picked ones play over.)
sounds_jump (up to 6): Sound to play out when jumping.
sounds_spin (up to 4): Sound to play when spinning on the ground (or in situations like a chain scooping you up).
sounds_spindash (up to 4): Sound to play when charging a spindash.
sounds_spindashzoom (up to 4): Sound to play when releasing a spindash.
sounds_skid (up to 1): Sound to play when skidding to a halt.

sounds_tailsfly (up to 1): Sound to play when flying as Tails (or a custom character with CA_FLY).
sounds_tailstiredfly (up to 1): Sound to play while tired during flight as Tails (or a custom character with CA_FLY).

sounds_death (up to 5): Sound to play when dying through common means. This has the least variation as only 1 and 5 are that much different.
sounds_spiked (up to 3): Sound to play when dying due to spikes. Only 1 has a difference, and even then, is quite subtle.
sounds_drown (up to 4): Sound to play when drowning due to running out of oxygen underwater or suffocating in space. With shockingly more variation then the above.
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My one complaint is that once you restart your game, all of the options are reset to default. Maybe have the options saved to an lua file in the luafiles folder? Other than that, it's a simple but effective mod. Pretty neat.
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Welcome to releases!
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