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    • JonBaxter replied to the thread Food.
      there were no decent sprites that matches the others that I could find. not even regular hot dogs.
    • JonBaxter posted the thread Food in Lua.
      JonBaxter submitted a new resource: Food - Spice up your maps with nifty food items Read more about this resource...
    • JonBaxter created the resource Food in Lua.
      This small mod allows map creators to place food items in their maps! These items can optionally respawn and award rings to the players...
      • mmmmm fooood.png
      • So many options.png
      • FOO1A0.png
      • FOO2A0.png
      • FOO3A0.png
      • FOO4A0.png
      • FOO5A0.png
      • FOO6A0.png
      • FOO7A0.png
      • FOO8A0.png
      • FOO9A0.png
      • FOOAA0.png
      • FOOBA0.png
      • FOOCA0.png
      • FOODA0.png
      • FOOEA0.png
      • FOOFA0.png
      • FOOGA0.png
      • I don't wanna eat it, it's too cute!.png
    • JonBaxter reacted to Metalwario64's update for resource Adventure Sonic (v1.6b) with Cool! Cool!.
      Adventure Sonic v1.6 contains an important fix to potential save corruption! Unfortunately we kept raising the stakes and adding...
    • JonBaxter replied to the thread Slime.
      Slime should now be reusable. Go wild, I guess.
    • JonBaxter reacted to Beta_Tails2's post in the thread The Sillyfier with Cool! Cool!.
      Would you mind if I edit the code to make it like three times worse? P.S. don't worry ill give credit.
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