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Hedgehogs Float - Because hedgehogs float in water.

Now, when the guys at Sega decided that Sonic couldn't swim, everybody knows they were wrong. Nobody stepped up to stop them, though.

Except me. I came up with the greatest idea ever, and I worked hard, day and night, to make sure that I was able to get it out.

And what, you ask, did I end up doing? It is the greatest thing anyone has ever given Sonic and Amy in the longest time of EVER:

They float on water.

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Sure, Sonic and Amy floating on water are...

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So it turns out the script doesn't work now. Thankfully, I've fixed it.

You see, I was making a script pack, and this script was supposed to be a part of it, but I forgot to remove the code to look for a toggle variable, which I removed. And it didn't work at all, but I've removed the code, changed a teeny bit of stuff, and now it should function properly again.

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