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Final Demo "Adventure Mode" - A nearly complete port of Final Demo's Adventure Mode to 2.2, with a couple "extra" features!

This addon consists of a custom level type intended to roughly emulate the gameplay of the Sonic Adventure series. Simply add the keyword "FDAdventure" to a stage's "TypeOfLevel" field, and you're all set!

A custom port of the original "SA Example" level from the Final Demo series of SRB2 is included. If you wish to use Adventure Mode in your own levels, you will only need the lumps LUA_ADVE and DSSAHITG, as everything else in the WAD is specific to "SA Example".

If you wish...

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Amy in SA1 and in SA2 are very different, I believe in SA2 she played like sonic (a spin character) and had a homing attack but her special moves were completely different... she could basically stop time lol)

I think if you're going to include the hammer jump from sa1 which (she never uses her hammer in SA2, she blows a kiss to stop time) then it should only be SA1, or possibly you could make it a console thing like

sa1 amy - default / `amymode 1`
sa2 amy - `amymode 2`
sa2 amy with hammer jump - `amymode 3`
i think since she's very similar to sonic in sa2 but i cant remember much about her like if she spindashes, or if shes like sonic advance 2 amy since she could spin in both games

oh... judging by how every character has light speed dash i get this is probably trying to be more accurate to final demo than sa1 (which is completely fair) no complaints.


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i did, still does not work, changed to opengl still does not work, think i might of downloaded it wrong
Type Adventuremode on... Like if you would type rushglow for modern sonic it wouldn't work, you would need to type the name of a skincolor. And commands are like options, you turn them on and off

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(without offense but) i think of this is going to be useless when DC-Sonic and SA-Sonic comes out (atleast for these characters)


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(without offense but) i think of this is going to be useless when DC-Sonic and SA-Sonic comes out (atleast for these characters)
Basically what Chezi said. Think of it more as a "blast to the past" rather than a completely Adventure-series accurate gameplay mod. It's purely meant to emulate what Adventure Mode played like in the Final Demo era of SRB2, hence the mod's name.


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"MIDIMan" updated Final Demo "Adventure Mode" with a new update entry:

Toggleable Adventure Control Scheme!

This update brings a couple changes and bug fixes:

  • Two new console variables have been added:
    • "adventurecontrol" - This allows the player to turn off the "forced" analog control scheme while playing in Adventure Mode. This was a feature of the original Final Demo Adventure Mode that I forgot to include in the first release (Special thanks to D00D64 for reminding me of this feature)...

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