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Dig Pack!
'Cause it's Diggle's Pack!

Welcome to Dig Pack! It's a collection of all the maps I've made.

Shovel Cup:
Tracks based on Shovel Knight!
Plains of Passage
(from Shovel Knight)


This is where great heroes start their adventure!
Bounce on bubbles as you race through these green hills.

Pridemoor Keep
(from Shovel Knight)


Where the usurper King Knight rules over flying rats, wizards, and gryphons!
Race through the keep itself and across its walls, dodging lava and rodents along the way.

Lich Yard
(from Shovel Knight)


In this huge graveyard, the dead have sprung to life and are now under the command of Specter Knight.
Drive through the graveyards and a large tomb, all filled with skeletons and ghosts! Very spooky indeed.

Diggle Cup:
Original tracks by Diggle.
Wandering Falls


A pleasant drive through a mountain valley.
It seems the seasons are fickle in this part of the world...

Burning Bone Zone


lol get spooked

That's right. We got battle now.
Temple Tussle Zone

Nuclear Sewers

I'm sorry.
Mushroom Peaks
This map was made as a commission.

This track is sure to strike fear into the hearts of any who are familiar with MKW custom tracks.
Including such classics as blind drops, horrible jank, and no signage.
Have fun.

DKR Boss Race
This map was made as a commission.

Have you played DKR? Remember that mountain where you race the triceratops boss?

JugadorXEI - For the Paraglider script used in Wandering Falls' summer and fall seasons. Also helped getting the bubbles on Plains of Passage to work, and saved staff ghosts from damnation. Thank you Juggy, very cool!
DarkyBenji - Provided a lua script for a certain hell map. Thank you!
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Latest updates

  1. Dig Pack v5.2

    Wandering Falls -Made the shortcut ramp easier to take. -Trees next to the final ramp are no...
  2. Dig Pack v5.1

    v5.1 -Minor fix for DKR Boss Race's secret -New staff ghosts
  3. Dig Pack v5

    Dig Pack, version 5 -New map! Wandering Falls is a pleasant mountain drive that changes season...

Latest reviews

I love Shovel Knight, so I love how these maps look.
You've got a good knack for layouts - even with Pridemoore Keep being a lot of right-angle turns, there's enough going on to keep it feeling very dynamic and fun.
It's nice to see the crumbling track thing implemented in a map, even if it is for a bone-shaped course :P
I can't decide if i'm more eager to see other Shovel Knight locations, or different Diggle creations, but i'm sure either way they'll be fun to play on!
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The Shovel Knight aesthetics looks really good here, and each map feels pretty distinct from each other. Plains of Passage has fun jumps and "spring" bubbles, Lich Yard has some neat hidden cuts, and Pridemoor Keep has a few alternative routes. Also like funny bone zone.

I do find some of the upward slopes near the end of Pridemoor to be problematic item trap spots but at least I can see some sign or back wall on each one to know where to turn. Also as much as I said I like Lich Yard's hidden cuts, I do feel like the very last cut near the end of the track should probably be reconsidered, as people generally do not like their chances of winning skillful be undermined by a last second cut that someone randomly takes with a lucky shoe. Still, an all-around fun map pack!
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