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ChronoShift is a collaborative pack of SRB2Kart tracks, built by the ChronoShift team. The team consists of Diggle, Mr. Logan, JugadorXEI, and Cotomili. Currently, there are 6 tracks included, with hopefully more on the way! We hope you enjoy.

Useful info for server owners (Please read if you use xItemLib in your server):
Chronoshift includes xItemLib to make item odds work with the Time Travel mechanic, but only while the ChronoShift level is loaded, ensuring compatibility with other levels and addons. While the ChronoShift level is running, some things change:

- The commands "kartdebugitem" and "kartdebugamount" no longer work, and you will have to use xItem's commands: "xitemdebugitem" and "xitemdebugamount", respectively.

If you are a server host, and run xItemLib as part of your addon lineup, set chronoshift_xitem_alwayson On in your server configuration file, as this will keep xItemLib always loaded. If you load XItemLib before this track pack, it shouldn't be a problem.

In addition, the Time Travel gimmick can be quite performance intensive depending on the server setup (although in most if not all cases it should be fine).



















Added in v2



Added in v3



Added in v4



Special thanks:
Tyron: Permission for Juicebox interop (before it was reusable at the time).
TheOneGoofAli: Created Noclippy which is a very useful script for testing.
Ashnal: Did interop for Time Travel on Boostlib's end which helped with optimization. Also, sneaker panel stacking and custom springs, which are in use on Tower of Heaven.
Achiiro: Art assets for Ashnal's custom springs.
Fayt: Art assets for Ashnal's panel stacking.
Minenice: For various inquiries over xitem.
Charyb: The nice looking water texture we used everywhere.
Angular: Their blessing for the Egg Panic interoperability.
Udgey: For the boost ring graphics in place on Crust Cove! Also, provided a new measure for addon performance (1 Udgey, 1.5 Udgeys, etc.)
ThatGuyKel: Gave winton a Pizza Tower-appropriate make-over.
Server Hosts: for their wonderful never-ending bug reporting.
Our testers: thanks to all our friends who not only helped test but also kept the project a secret, it means a lot.
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Latest reviews

honestly people shouldn't even read the description of this pack but just download it and start playing. they'd be in for a big surprise which is totally worth it.

while ChronoShift has at least one map that leaves something to be desired , the other maps absolutely make up for those gaps by providing engaging netgame races. take the mechanic from the ChronoShift map itself and you're in for a treat.

5 stars, no doubt.
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Overall a very nice pack

- Lovely lab : Nothing to said. It's good

- Hero Race : There just that one boost pannel near the end that send you toward a wall if you don't react imediatly at it. Other than that it's a nice map

- Grub pit : My favorite map of the pack, I like the visual and the funny thing to ram into.

- Pandaemonium : A tiny Boring track, because you spent most of the track doing a strait lign. The visual of the track save it from been bad.

- Gnome forest : The gimmick is great. Only problem I have with the track, is that at some session you don't fully know where to go. And since every part of the track look the same it's hard.

- ChronoShift : One of the most unique track of the game so far. It's awnsome to experiment it alone. It is however, imo, one of the worse track of the pack for playing in multiplayer. First time player will struggle a lot. Poeples that have played a lot the track will just destroyd everyone ; this required to much layout knowledge. Also 3 lap is to long imo.
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I don't know if I can adequately describe just how utterly blown away I am at this pack. It has immense love, care, hard work and mysterious black magic in lua form that begs to be experienced.

Lovely Labs is very charming, and the layout is simply great. The art in the course- all the courses really- have a lot of passion put in. It's a fun ride! Hero Race is also really well crafted, and really, really outclasses the base game Chao maps. It's simple and clean. Grub Pit, sadly not named Grub Hub, is a really cute track too, love how much care was put into the style and I like lil bugs you can roll around.

Pandemonium is probably the least impressive to me out of the pack, but that's not to say the map is bad at all! It's a fun romp and I really enjoyed it, but I feel the top map teleporters is a weak point. I can see people bullying other racers here to miss the two spaced out teles and make them lose crucial time, and it especially bothers me knowing there's space for a third in that gap- AND there's a set of three teles after this pair! Still enjoyable though.

Now for a big one. I saw a Pizza Tower map, and *knowing the track record of the game's content here and elsewhere online*, I was expecting a barrage of bullshit nonsense to assault my eyes, ears and character making me want to vomit and not play it at all.
Gnome Forest is... actually one of the best maps in the pack. Huh??? It's presented really well, being really cozy to look at, the music is pretty cool, and the gimmick is so smoothly integrated I was very happily surprised. The appearances of the gnomes and decor is really nice and the gimmick is brilliant. The hat is adorable.

All I can say about Chronoshift (the map) is you should play it right now. You should have been playing it 5 minutes ago. It's that good. The team deserves nothing but praise for how well the map plays, looks and sounds.

This map pack is a must-play and I again wish the team all my blessings and luck in future works. It's an immensely fun, standout pack.
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Woah this is actually pretty sick.

A bunch of pretty solid tracks, not a whole lot that I'd ever say that's more than a nitpick. Obviously the last track (Chronoshift) is a big standout, a really cool way of implementing a gimmick like that and going all of the way with it. Y'all should pat yourselves on the back for this.
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probably the best map pack release I've played yet.
Highly recommend for all players!
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Looks like I may have found a new favorite map pack.

Absolutely outstanding job on these maps! Not only are they beautiful, they also flow really well and a lot of fun.

no unused podium 2 tho so only a 9/10 idk 😐
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It is rare that a track pack impresses me thoroughly, but kudos on managing to do it. Most tracks are a good mix, seemingly balanced, and with good visibility and decent checkpoint placement so far as I can tell.

And then that last one is just impressive on a technical level. I'm not afraid to admit that I have no idea -at all- how you managed to pull that one off.

Certainly, your group has put in the effort to earn a 5-star rating. Keep at it~
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ChronoShift Track Pack is a beautifully hand crafted map pack with lots of love and passion put into it. The tracks are fun to play, have interesting gimmicks and are visually stunning. ALSO HELLO???? THE LOGO ART AT THE START OF EACH MAP IS INCREDIBLE AND CUTE!!!! I seriously cannot stress enough how magnificent the art direction is.

You guys did such an excellent job with this pack!! <3
I enjoy everything about it.
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the tracks looks great
Gnome Forest looks like it would fit in the PT pack
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Fantastic map pack! Proud to be a tester for these wonderful courses.
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