Alright, so you may have noticed something huge....
I redesigned the main page!
Not only because the gifs on there were very outdated, but because... I added 3 NEW* Characters!

Poppy Bros. Sr.: Fast racer that's just as heavy as he looks. Not-so-great handling. Coming with Kirby from Popstar is Poppy Bros. Sr, a rather forgotten variation of the blue bomb-thrower of the (mostly) same name! Watch out for his Ball-Kart! (If you want a color more accurate to the games, use Sapphire.)

16-Bit Bart: Light racer with good speed and decent handling. It's Bart Simpson! Wait... it's a smaller, pixelized version of him! Mostly inspired by the 90's game 'Bart's Nightmare,' he's not sleepin' on getting first place! Try not to eat his dust, or his shorts!

Bubble & Squeak: Barely heavy character that is light on speed, but somewhat okay with acceleration. ("Wait, don't they have their own release on the MB?" Yes, but I decided to move them here for simplicity's sake. They're not TECHNICALLY new, but they're new for this pack.) Bubble and Squeak, after over 25 years of disappearing, are back!... For a race! Bubble the human is always leading Squeak, the alien to safety! This time, Bubble will lead Squeak to victory! (As long as their speed doesn't hamper their chances...)

Oh, and Pencil freshened up and ditched the kart. Same stats, though.

(Bit of a story here: Poppy and 16-bit Bart were two characters that I kept to myself until now because I wasn't sure how to release them. I could have released them in their own pack titled "Wacky Racers [working title]," but I decided to to this instead because the releasing rules are supposedly very strict [i think].)​

Alts are now available for Link, Kirby, and Mario!
For those who don't know, Alts are different versions of kart characters that change the color a new/different part of a character.
So far, I've done Doodle Link (hair), Doodle Kirby (warpstar), and Doodle Mario (overalls). No Luigi because.... well he's already green, so you can probably imagine how that would look.


Minor(ish) updates:
The hands of all characters are now correctly layered on the steering wheel! (nobody asked for this, but i knew it would bother somebody so shhh)
Pac's sprites have been updated to look slightly higher quality!
All characters are now included as separate addons in a .zip file!


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Luigi: Moderately fast (and slippery) character with standard weight. Uses 64 Luigi's voice clips. He's not "Green Mario!" He's Luigi, the slimmer, faster, (and arguably better) brother of the red plumber! Careful though, at high speeds, he's not easy to control!

Also included are standalone versions for each character (except Pac and Sonic cuz file limits) for servers with "specific tastes!"