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Hey there! This mod mostly consists of miscellaneous coding I made but didn't have anywhere specific to put it.

Starting off, there's an inherent change to how Emerald Tokens work; if you touch one while all 7 emeralds have been collected, you'll receive 50 rings instead of a continue (or 1up in netgames.)

There is also now autoexit, which will trigger a "Hurry up!" warning 1 minute before level exit.

Commands included are:
ic_randomchar - Being the only command not requiring server host privileges, your skin will be randomly switched upon command entry. Setting it to a bind is highly recommended.
ic_emeralds - A more "on/off" styled emeralds command, which will allow emeralds to be given (and taken away) on the fly.
ic_checkpointless - Mainly inspired by Shovel Knight, this command will remove all checkpoints from the current level. It can also put them back on the spot similarly to how "ic_emeralds" functions.
ic_autoexit - This command is used to set the time (in minutes) that the level should autoexit. It should be noted that it can only go up to 15 minutes or down to 5 minutes (and has a default value of 10.)

With that said, Enjoy!
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Simple, but effective. Autoexit in netgames is honestly a must have with how many co-op servers have that one player who goes AFK and the host has to force the next map. The other commands are nice too, with a Gunvolt style checkpoint remover (I know you said Shovel Knight, but I have yet to beat it) adding to the challenge! I only wish there were more tweaks here... Keep up the good work!
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Welcome to releases!
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