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This mod adds new sounds and replaces old ones for not only crisp, clean, and HQ sounds ripped from several classic Sonic titles, but also for ones that seemed out of place in a classic Sonic game. Whether this mod seems purposeful or ends up being a waste of time, I'll leave to you.

That's really all there is to it. (Oh, and by the way, just pretend that the .gifs have sound. You can't really illustrate sound through .gifs and images.)

  • The Skins folder has been moved to Sounds+.
    • This means the CD sounds for Amy, Fang and Metal are only included in there.
    • The standalone file actually SAVES now.
  • The SOC from the original file has been moved a separate file called Sounds+.
    • Because of this, new sounds such as the Super Ring, red and blue springs, and Sonic 1 2013 menu sounds will be included in that separate file.
    • This was done so that the original file can save game progress.
    • Also, to a lesser extent, the Green Spring Shell badnik from Techno Hill now uses the blue spring sound (SOC only).
  • File size has been decreased from 15 MB to 4 MB.
  • The Super Ring box has been given a unique sound similar to the Sonic Worlds engine.
  • Red and blue springs have been given unique variants similar to Sonic Time Twisted.
  • Added new menu sounds from Sonic 1 2013.
  • Adjusted and replaced specific sounds that were too loud.
  • Removed accidental copies of DSS3KCBS and DSS3KCBL.
  • Modified SOC.
  • Tweaked character sound volumes.
  • Increased compatibility with certain mods.
  • Fixed sound assignments so that no sounds play twice, except where necessary.
  • Almost all sounds used by SRB2 have been replaced with their own in higher quality (except its unique ones).
  • Sonic's thok uses the thok sound from Sonic Megamix.
  • Amy, Fang, and Metal Sonic now use CD sounds, respectively.
  • Medium waterfalls use Sonic 1 2013 sounds. Others use entirely new ones.
  • Most environmental sounds have been replaced with unique ones.
  • Character action sounds have a variety of sounds rather than being taken from Sonic 3 only.
  • The Attraction ability now uses the attack sound from older versions of SRB2.
  • Characters now use the sound, DSS3KA2, when losing a shield.
  • The THZ and DSZ bosses use custom sounds for different actions.
  • Black Eggman's laughter was cut in favor of an alarm sound to better favor Save Select.
  • Black Eggman rocket sounds that couldn't be replaced by normal means, now have been by specific SOC.
  • A portion of sounds are custom sounds as their originals replace other sounds; otherwise kept as default.
  • S3K sounds that have been missing have now been added.
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