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This is a pack of HUD mods that aim to tweak the Score-Time-Rings HUD and intermission graphics of Sonic Robo Blast 2, drawing inspiration from Storice's "Minor HUD tweaks" mod for Sonic 3 A.I.R. These mods not only improve and fix minor sprite errors with original HUD, but also adds optional variants, all tweaked in the same manner or faithfully recreated using the game's available artwork. (*This can also be used as a base for sprite editing for any HUD mods you wish to make.)


Taking the experience even further, there are even some optional variants for how you want the tweaked HUD to look in-game. These include the options to switch to the infamous Sonic 1-styled HUD with no italics whatsoever, or the Sonic CD and Mania-styled HUDs, counters and all. There's even an option to have the "TIME" and "RINGS" sprites flash like in Sonic 3 (instead of blinking red), which works across all variants as well as most custom HUD mods.


  • Re-tweaked HUD sprites.
  • Tweaked all HUD and intermission graphics (including the unused ones).
  • Fixed HUD outline color to match the standard "level select" font.
  • Improved HUD outline shading on number sprites where needed.
  • Reduced interior sprite shading, making it closer to Sonic 1's shading style.
  • Tweaked italicized colon, period and minus sprites.
  • Fixed infamous "7" sprite misplacement that existed since way back when.
  • Made improvements to the intermission graphics for the sake of consistency.
  • Properly aligned the "TOTAL" tally sprite.
  • This custom HUD is now read as "tweakedhud" instead of "revhud".
  • Tweaked italicized and normal graphics are now separate from TweakedCD and TweakedMania.
  • TweakedHUD_: The default sprites for SRB2. Slanted with tweaked sprites and no other changes.
    [*]TweakedHUD_[N]: Straight sprites, à la Sonic 1.
    [*]TweakedCD_: Slanted with tics and life counter from Sonic CD.
    [*]TweakedCD_[N]: Straight with tics and life counter from Sonic CD.
    [*]TweakedMania_: Slanted with tics and life counter from Sonic Mania.
    [*]TweakedMania_[N]: Straight with tics and life counter from Sonic Mania.
    [*]FlashHUD: Flashing "TIME" and "RINGS" sprites, à la Sonic 3. (*Works with most custom HUD mods.)
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