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Has this ever happened to you?

Unacceptable! That tails player just flew past me and my jolly fine sonic player compatriots, skipping all these dandy and well positioned traps and obstacles!

This offence shouldn't go unpunished, but I cannot possibly muster up the effort to do something about it on my own. If only there was an efficient way to discipline such rascals!

Are you tired of those pesky ________ players taking all the well deserved glory from the good and honest ________ players around the world over? Can't stand the thought of losing a race in your very own co-op server because someone was using a character that is clearly busted and full of cheeky advantages?

Well boy howdy do I have the solution for you: the Force Skin option!
But for those unsatisfied with the results, rest assured we have something for you too: Character Bullying!


  • What this mod is all about
Character Bullying is both a pestering tool for server admins and a challenge mod for those looking to complete the base game under slightly more challenging rules. After adding this mod, you will be able to enable stat changes and bullying deaths to any character of your choosing, giving them specific nerfs and rules that, when broken, result in a character dying in arguably comical ways.

  • Dumb ways to die
Character Bullying adds a handful instant death scenarios for those unfortunate or unaware enough to not follow the mod's rules. Once a character has been added to the bullying list, there are a few ways they can die:

You were probably...
Going too fast
Staying still too long
Getting too many rings
Holding on to a shield for too long
Falling from somewhere high
Falling from somewhere really high

Not only that, but each death prints two lines of text explaining how you died. When someone else does, a small randomized notification is printed telling everyone in the server how your friends kicked the bucket.


  • Is that it?
Not quite. Besides receiving a global speed nerf each of the 6 default characters has tweaks or debuffs specific to them to make their stage transversal harder without making it straight up impossible. The degrees bullying vary from one to another:

  • Sonic had his thok changed into a far less powerful version that can just barely propel him forward.
  • Tails got his flight time cut severely short.
  • Knuckles can no longer glide and climb forever, now only being able to do both for a set duration.
  • Amy loses all control when hitting any spring with her hammer.
  • Fang's bounce can no longer go as high as it usually can, and he is now forced to stand in place laughing at every enemy he defeats with a cork gun shot.
  • Metal Sonic, much like knuckles, now has limited flight time before being forced to fall down to the ground.

  • I wanna be the bullied guy!
Character Bullying was tweaked so that every character, no matter how nerfed, can still complete every stage in the base game either in single player mode without any AI help or in co-operative play without switching characters. For instance, everyone has a way to negate the fall damage mechanic if they play their cards right.

Areas that would be impossible to cross without dying for characters with subpar traversal skills will usually house new items or hints about ways to advance to the next part of the stage. Each and every zone can be completed with enough ingenuity and hard work!

cool cacti.png

  • How to bully your hedgehog
After adding the mod to your game you'll have access to three new commands to enable bullying on characters, and 13 commands to customize your bullying experience.

These codes are used to add player skins to the list of bullied characters:

  • addbully will allow you to select which character skins will receive the bullying debuffs and become eligible for bullying deaths. Accepted parameters are current to add your current character to the bullying list, all to add all characters or [name of the skin] to manually add specific characters.

  • removebully will remove characters from the bullying list and return anyone currently being bullied to their regular stats and mechanics. Accepted parameters are the same as addbully. If the going gets too tough, feel free to use this command during the game to proceed through an area bullying-free.

  • whosbullied will print out the current list of characters being bullied. By default there will be no characters in the bullying list when the mod is added, so make sure you add your character if you intend to do a solo run.

These codes are used to customize various aspects of the mod to your liking:

  • Stat change codes:
    • b_topspeed - Determines how fast any bullied character is allowed to run at their maximum speed. Not to be confused with b_speeddeath.
    • b_thokforce - Determines how far sonic's bullied thok can take him.
    • b_thokheight - Determines how high sonic's bullied thok will go. Used to avoid otherwise mandatory falling damage.
    • b_maxflight - Determines how long tails can fly for before tiring out.
    • b_maxglide - Determines how long knuckles can glide and climb for before falling to the ground. Climb time is 50% as long as glide time.
    • b_glidespeed - Determines how fast knuckles can glide from a standstill.
    • b_maxbounce - Determines the maximum vertical bounce momentum fang can achieve.
    • b_maxfloat - Determines how long metal sonic can float for before falling to the ground.

  • Bullying death change codes:
    • b_gravitydeath - Determines the falling speed threshold to trigger both falling damage and falling deaths.
    • b_speeddeath - Determines the speed required for a player to catch on fire and blow up. Not to be confused with the stat changing code b_topspeed.
    • b_boredomdeath - Determines how long a player has to be idle for before they trigger a boredom death.
    • b_ringdeath - Determines how many rings a player needs to hold to become a golden statue.
    • b_shielddeath - Determines how long a player can hold on to a shield before running out of air.
    • b_fastdeaths - Toggles "fast deaths" mode, making bullying death scenes take way less time to complete.

  • Original character, do not bully!
While custom characters are somewhat supported, they will not receive ChB-specific new abilities and their specific mechanics may clash with the bullying deaths and debuffs. If you wish to add them to the bullying list regardless go right ahead! Just add them in with addbully and you're good to go! Just please do not complain when someone like HMS123311 spontaneously combusts after taking two steps.

  • Credits and thank-yous
Thank you to all these jolly fellas for helping me with this project despite all the bugs and oddities that were faced during all the testing:

❤️ Ash, Varren, Milk and oh so many others from the SRB2 Discord for giving me feedback on things and being cool dudes overall!

❤️ Xelork, Chris, Ano, Monopoli, Hezi, Talis and all the others who helped me test the mod and sent me plenty of crazy ideas I still want to mess around with!

❤️ Monster Iestyn and Golden for helping me figure out how the drowning numbers could work and resolving a hard coded issue with custom character statues respectively! The spaghetti monster is now under control!
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.4.1 hotfix

    Metal sonic should no longer be able to float forever should he enter dash mode
  2. Version 1.4 - Toggleable fast deaths + bug fixes

    Added b_fastdeaths, which will make bullying deaths take much less time to let you go back to...
  3. Version 1.3 - Customized Bullying

    Added 13 new console commands to allow server admins to customize several aspects of the mod...

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Now that there's customizable options, I can say that this is high on my list of favorite mods.
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I really really like this mod, it's hilarious, but

1. I feel like we should have more customization options, such as increasing or decreasing the ring count needed for the gold statue death

2. yeah actually that's all the problems I really have with this, Great mod!
I was actually thinking of adding just that in the next update instead of keeping the "one size fits all" approach, yeah. stay tuned
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Truely a great mod, I can now bully the Tails players without actually bullying them
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This gets 5 stars for being funny as shit.
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Welcome to releases!
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