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This is Calamity Canyon, a demo level for my upcoming mod "Sonic and the Gunslinger." It's not a difficult's meant to be Sonic-Adventure-ish with big setpieces.

In the full release it will be a Sonic-exclusive level, but you can play it with any character right now.

The level is built around tight turns and tall cliffs. You can get through it with Sonic's default thok and vanilla physics, but it won't be very fast or fun...probably. Unless you have your own setup, I strongly recommend using the physics mods included in the second file. Just load the physics pk3 second.

The second pk3 includes @MasterDisaster64 's Air Options, @Starlight 's Spam Dash, and and @Tempest97 (Krimps) 's Spin control mod, and a double jump for Sonic. Some of the original mods were very slightly edited.

The first pk3 includes media files by others. The soundtrack is Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy Of Gold (Bandini remix) and Wild Guns Reloaded - Desolation Canyon. The graphics are from Kenney NL.

I have not marked this as an open asset since not all of the music/graphics/scripts are made by me. However, you can reuse or modify the map (ie. WAD file) itself if you like.

If you want to beta test "Sonic and the Gunslinger," probably around August, please message me or comment on the WIP thread. I could also use someone to help loop the audio tracks.
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  1. "Sonic and the Gunslinger" released

    The full "Sonic and the Gunslinger" mod is now released on SRB2MB...

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Super fun to run through. Hopefully those slope physics become compatible wit more mods
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Pretty cool thing you've got going there! Definitely an improvement over your last map.
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This is Good really Good.
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Even though it's just one level it's really fun to blast through. The stage while a little blocky in some parts is completely made up for with its fun-to-speed run. Both with and without the physics mod.

I hope to see more soon!
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