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[Open Assets] SA1 Spindash - It doesn't matter!

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Huge thanks to these wonderful people!

Zipper (Discord)
Monster ɪestyn (Discord)
kays (Discord)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Adventure fanfricks and classic elitists, I present to you the SA1 Spin-dash. Or roll dash. Or Spam-dash- oh forget it.

Slightly simple lua that allows the entire cast (yes, im too dumb to make it only sonic's ability, I may do that in the next update.) to use the spam dash.

Please ask for permission first before using this.


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  • VL_Spamdash-v1.lua
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Welcome to Releases!

You can check if ' == "sonic"' to restrict it to only Sonic, by the way.


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Ah yes, the perfectly op spin-dash that I both love and hate because of how ridiculously awesome it is.

PS: can I use it with a certain custom character?
sms with spamdash

sms with spamdash


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Wiiiiith my permission of course.

(god, I really need to update this old thing.)

If I may, might I offer a small edit I've made to it which I found suited me for your review as an update? In short, I made the addition of a check for Sonic as the player character to ensure only he can use it, and I toned down the power of the launch so that it's easier to control.

I don't know how, but I would also like to allow an AI Sonic to use this, say when using Botskin and ExAI. Currently, ExAI doesn't work with this, although a Sonic bot works a little better.

This first gif is with the SpinControl mod also enabled for a more complete SA1 spamdash experience.

And these two are without it just to test if SpinControl or other unrelated mods might have messed with anything, they did not appear to. Tails still goes nuts.


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