single level

  1. Mayoat

    Drafting my first level in Blender

    Recently while waiting to apply for college in animation career I was reminded of SRB2 by the Ray character mod from Team Combi-Rings and it brought back some memories of trying to create a level in 2020 and remembering how lost I was with Zone Builder and how directionless and over the top my...
  2. MrBoingBD

    "Pyramid base" (SA2 Pyramid cave/Sand ocean Demake)

    Hello there fellow sonic fan, I have brought some news. I've been working on this project of mine for awhile now, And is getting closer to being finished. So I decided to make a W.I.P thread page for it. Here's some media: I was wanting to make this as a tribute to "Sonic adventure 2" One of...
  3. Aquavine

    Super Schoolhouse zone (Baldi's Basics but as a Sonic stage)

    Looks like Baldi's Basics Plus Is finally back from the year lasting update gap. And the game as a whole is becoming popular again, so as a BB's veteran (Since 2018) I knew I had to do something for this moment. So I decided to try making a whole sonic stage from all the content this game offers...
  4. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] Sandy Night (Standalone) v1

    Originally in The Official Level Design Collab 2023 R1, it's uh the map I made for that except it has emblems (and the original submission, hidden behind those emblems) now Credits: Me - The map/level design Othius - for overhauling the map
  5. dashdahog

    Spleenik the game beta 1.2

    this is thje awesome beta of spleenik the game from oldc 2023 r1the beta of spleenik the game beta is very well known for being extremely trash. so i am making all of you suffer with me too Now you can experience! the reason why roykirbs said "not yours"! Less Gameplay value! the original...
  6. Avalice

    Doom Ship Zone Act 2 1.0.0

    Now separate from the OLDC for your playing pleasure! Or displeasure. This level was made in version 2.0 then ported and submitted to the OLDC. Well actually it wasn't ported when I submitted it but whatever, it is now. Credits- Glaber for TONS of porting, LUA, and other stuffs OLDC Staff Team-...
  7. MrBoingBD

    Green Valley Zone v1.1

    A Single level That I worked on for a week. Using the GreenFlower Theme. (I know not the most unique.) This is the second map I've ever made. however the first has never been posted on here. And I will most likely not ever upload it, since its terrible. (Trust me) PLEASE give me feedback so I...
  8. Sludesus

    Book BFDIA 5b

    uhh there isnt a bfdi mod for base srb2 soo... i made one :) She controls like she does in bfdia 5b with picking up stuff and throwing. but i dont have any images of that rn so ill add it later might remake bfdia 5b in srb2 dont really have much else to say...
  9. KannaWithGun

    Trying to recreate a level from Sonic CD

    Hello people I just want to ask a question should I make my level explorable like a Sonic CD level or should I just make it have different paths like an ordinary level?
  10. MrBoingBD

    Static rope hang FOF ERROR

    I'm having some issue in my Level mod, With Rope hang segments: "ERROR: A FOF tagged 40 has a top height below its bottom." "ERROR: A FOF tagged 35 has a top height below its bottom." "ERROR: A FOF tagged 27 has a top height below its bottom." And Hanging on a rope will for some reason work if...
  11. Sleepo_GamingYT

    Aether Forest Zone v1

    Explore the entrance to the Aether Forest, a place of mystical forces and other beings, maybe you might find a new friend? Who knows? This mod is currently WIP as i am planning to add more to the mod, like 3 new maps, a new character and more, this is also my first map so please don't judge it...
  12. LucasLixoso

    [Open Assets] Speed Highway 1.0

    Going up and down and all round! After a whole year since Speed Highway was released! As this being my FIRST MAP i've ever made, after 5 months of development, its finally here! As you might now, this stage was first introduced to the public to be playable on the OLDC 2022 Round 2 map pack, as...
  13. pizza2me

    123123 maps 1.0

    welcome to 123123 maps that is based on the date 12/31/23.
  14. SRB2 Enthusiast

    This looks amazing and I don't know why, but it feels official to SEGA.

    I took this screenshot in the Sunset Skyscrapers Zone with Vapor colored Neo Sonic, and I'm asking myself about why it looks like an official SEGA game leak. Nice level editing to whoever made the level, and nice spritework and coding to whoever made Neo Sonic.
  15. glaber

    [Open Assets] High Jump Hijinx Stand alone 1.5

    This is High Jump Hijinx from the OLDC. Designed for characters who can jump higher than normal, but with extra double jump shields scattered around for everyone else to join in the fun. This level was made to go along with my own edits to the base 6 characters (included) to help show how...
  16. VichogGD190

    [Open Assets] Space Adventure V1.0

    Team Sonic travels to space to stop Dr. Eggman and his evil plans... again.:knuxsmug:
  17. El-fire

    SA1 Emerald coast SRB2 remake WIP thread.

    so ive decided to stop working on the Misty lake remake for now cause idk how to continue so instead im gonna remake a level from a game that has similar controls to SRB2 and has been remade in SRB2 a few times with varying accuracy to the source and even been remade by Sonic Team Jr themselves...
  18. Bandder

    [Open Assets] Vreen Hill Zone v1

    Wow guys! A level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well well well, if it isn't another Green Hill Zone!! This is a rather quick level that I made for the heck of it. anyways thats it i got nothing for ya
  19. chery

    Epic boss battle v1.1

    have fun and the bosses are hard so have fun lol
  20. dashdahog

    [Open Assets] DANTDM's LAB!!!!! V1.3

    Hey Everyone Spleenik Fan 158 here and i have got to show you my NEW amazing creation!!! its the lab fromthose custom mod adventures!!!!, im going to update this map from time to time when i feel like it. for now the map is just the lab by itself but in the future i might add in the treasure...