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[Open Assets] Free movement while rolling (Spin Control)

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Tempest97 (Krimps)

blue man use leg go fast
Yep, pretty much what the title says. Control your movement freely while rolling with the movement keys! That's as simple as it gets.

You still get momentum from slopes and ramps as usual, this script merely redirects your movement to the direction you're holding (in relation to the camera, of course), so you can go around in circles for as much time as you would by rolling in a straight line, same friction and everything. The movement does look a lot nicer if you're playing with analog controls, tho

Not sure if anything similar has been posted here before, but this script was a part of my scrapped SA2 Sonic character mod, which I felt like posting here rather than letting it go to waste.

Feel free to use this on a mod or for literally any reason, just put my username on the credits if you're using it for a character or something like that

(Also, this probably won't be updated often, but I will try to fix any game-breaking bugs if found)


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I would absolutely love this if the turning wasn't so instant, it's hard to control when you immediately zip into the other direction.
My gosh, one of my crazy thoughts that i wanted to see them exist!

It feels good to play with this lol!
I've got a couple ideas to improve the mod:

1: Customizable level of control while rolling. I personally like a level of control that's just a little more forgiving than vanilla allows, and a little less forgiving than complete free movement with free redirection.

2: An option to make changing direction make you lose speed. It feels weird that rolling allows you to just go in circles and turn on a dime without slowing down to do so.

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