Better Lives

Better Lives v1.8.1

hi again! sorry about another really small update, a while back i was asked by a moderator to verify that the creators of all of the mods included in this are fine with their inclusion. everyone who responded did agree to, and i would've definitely updated by now, but some personal things i'd rather not get into here came up that took a huge toll on my motivation and really delayed this​
  • Updated Gemma and Pierre's icons​
  • Added an icon for Super Gemma​
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  • Added compatibility for MCTails and Sonic New​
  • Added icons for Whisper, Pac-Man, and Jelly Tails​
(sorry about this update being a tad less substantial than usual, i mainly wanted to add support for whisper, along with some other characters that've recently updated)
  • Added compatibility with the Max Control Pack and Metal Anyone​
  • Added icons for Cosmic Metal, Golden Metal Sonic, Rocket Metal, Junio Sonic, Flare the Lizard, Frank, and my own mod, Terra!​

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  • All life icons have been converted to Doom GFX, meaning that all issues involving their palettes should now be fixed​
  • Fixed the background and border of Espio's life icon not changing colors​
  • Added icons for Super Skip, OVA Knuckles, And Blue Shoes Tails (from XMomentum)​
  • Updated Espio and Cacee's icons​
  • Added icons for Super Cacee, Luigi, Henry Stickmin, and Super Mystic Sonic​
(i've noticed that espio's border and background aren't changing along with his skincolor and i'm planning on fixing it!)
  • Added icons for Legacy Hinote, Bandages, Crystal Sonic, Rose Gold Amy, Neo Sonic, Pierre, and Tempest
(Screenshot taken with the BuddyEx addon)​
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  • Updated Amy, Fang, Silver, Skip, and Gemma's icons​
  • Added an icon for Super Silver​
  • Added icons for Modern Sonic, SSNMighty, SegaSonic Ray, Eggette, and Deton​
  • Added icons for StephChars, HorizonChars, Mario, Kirby, Team Kinetic, Willo, and Extra Life​

(Screenshot taken with the Encore Mode addon)​
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  • Updated Super Adventure Sonic's icon​
  • Added icons for Werehog, ChrispyChars, Flame the Dragon, and Cacee​
  • Turned the file type into a PK3​