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Tyson Hesse Sonic v5.1

Yeah and if I ask him again he is just going to say no so its best if i stick with no
Hey, just one question?
what are his drop dash sprites' names?
because this could happen with models....
(srry about this)


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If you continue holding the jump button to charge the Levi-Dash & land on the ground, releasing it will cause a small hop. This never happened with the previous versions of the mod.
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You're able to jump out of a charged peelout and release it to easily enter Boost mode. This is a glitch, but it feels like an ability.
(P.S his extra jump height feels nice)
BlueM updated Tyson Hesse Sonic with a new update entry:


- Fixed issue where the Levi-Dash would keep charging after landing on the ground and make a small jump upon releasing the Jump button

- Fixed issue with the Super Peelout where the charge could be preserved by holding Custom 1 after jumping

- Fixed Character Select Screen description and changed the background color to Yogurt to make the description easier to read

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