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Tyson Hesse Sonic - Tyson Hesse Sonic makes his debut in Sonic Robo Blast 2!

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Tyson Hesse Sonic makes his debut in Sonic Robo Blast 2!

Levi Dash
Hold Jump in the air to charge up a mid-air Spindash that slowly hovers down and skips across water.
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While standing, hold Custom 1 to charge the peelout in order to get a running start, and you can even activate the dash mode at...

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Wait, is there something wrong with my super?
uh oh


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Yoo it's finally out but what's kinda ANNOYING about this mod is the drop dash, not only does it cancel your speed its completely useless
And even when i use the spin dash in mid air but when im in the second dash mode it KICKS ME INTO A DAMN WALL
Not only did this happen NOT ONCE ,NOT TWICE it happened for the 5th time anyway that's the bad ones
Anyways you should kinda improve the back and front sprites seeing how you improved it would be nice
i finally got in the addon download beacause firefox wasn't responding i'm so exited to download it. thank you blueM for making this wonderful addon for srb2.
Yo guys don't make fun of me and i am not a kid btw okay okay
I created Tyson hesse sonic in his clay form!
Since i really loved tyson hesse ever since i saw his animations for the sonic team here is my gift ig💀


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This character is very fun to play as! the two-stage dashmode is extremely fun, and was my favorite part of alt/crystal sonic, but hesse's dashmode... it's like a mix of SA-super sonic's blue lightning and alt/crystal sonic's second stage dashmode for the second stage.
I find myself using the jump ability a bunch, which shows its usefulness. The drop dash isn't useless either, as if you just get a little bit if height from where you land, more than a normal hump, you basically go speeding off like you just had an instantly charged spindash.

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