Tyson Hesse Sonic

Tyson Hesse Sonic v5.1

- Complete overhaul on sprites
- made it so that during the peelout animation is an actual peelout and not just running in place.
- Fixed bugs
- Fixed offsets
- changed CSS
Changelog: A complete overhaul on sprites!
- Fixed issue where the Levi-Dash would keep charging after landing on the ground and make a small jump upon releasing the Jump button

- Fixed issue with the Super Peelout where the charge could be preserved by holding Custom 1 after jumping

- Fixed Character Select Screen description and changed the background color to Yogurt to make the description easier to read

- Added a super form (Finally.)
- Cleaned up all of the sprites
- Hesse Sonic has the same acceleration stats as the vanilla cast, which makes his dashmode as fast as Metal Sonic's
- Flung enemies now give points when they explode
- Dashmode flashing color removed
- Dashmode can be kept easier in the air, allowing Hesse Sonic to use diagonal springs without losing dash
-Default color is now sapphire
-Added new sprites idle and for other frames too including, jumpball sprites, and new fall frames (an overhaul of sorts.)
-Changed CSS
-Added the running sprites from version 1
-added new frames for the back walk angle.