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Are you tired of the same old unchanged Boss Arenas that haven't had too many new visuals since late 2.0, like GFZ3, THZ3, and BCZ2&3? Well do I have a surprise for you! introducing Upgraded Boss Arenas!
Play the bosses you know and love with UPGRADED visuals!
Each Act 3 has been mostly left unchanged, but has more visuals
to make the arena feel more alive, immersive, and somewhat fresh.
GFZ3 Feels like a mountain valley,
THZ3's train feels less like a dinky trolley,
BCZ3 is more mechanical, etc!

Including: GFZ3, THZ3, DSZ3, CEZ3, ACZ3 and BCZ2&3

V1.2 is out!

- All regular Animal Capsules have been replaced with Ordo's New Capsules! (thanks to them for making them.)
- ACZ3 from Ordo's capsules is now included, with major upgrades to both the train and the skybox! (this means you'll have to travel atop the train cars to reach the capsule)
-CEZ3 has some changes, including a new location for the Animal Capsule. (mainly to fix a bug with the animals disappearing)


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After talking it over with a few judges, We've agreed this was alright for releases. I apologize for not approving it earlier; I was trying to cut down on releases that were just edits of the existing levels. Still, this has proven to have merit to it, so its been deemed fit for releases.
Ah, I remember this being shown off now and then on Discord. Glad to know it got through submissions.
Wait, i have seen this on Discord, i can't believe is now on here, ready to be on my Addons list.
I confess that the third acts of zones in the vanilla game are rather scarce in appearance. And this mod fixes that. I liked most of the level modifications, except, probably, DSZ (probably because it's not easy to do)
and by the way, on GFZ3 you repeat a bug that has already been fixed in 2.2.7 (
In my opinion these arenas are far better than what we have already for SRB2, in not only visuals but also just making these arenas feel more like an actual space that is part of the area. This is absolutely going into my folder for main campaign playthroughs!
I liked that in THZ3 there is a reference to the fact that we are advancing in deep sea (written on the monitor) and that in DSZ3 there is a reference to the fact that we are advancing to Eggmann's castle (in the distance you can see the castle). It's such a small thing, but it is so well designed. I remember that it was in Sonic mania and I liked it.

I confess that after playing these level variations, I no longer want to go back to vanilla versions, because this is a masterpiece. Keep it up!

UPD: oh, forgot to add. I found it unnecessary to have Eggrobots on BCZ3. it looks strange.
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there's a really obvious missing texture right here in DSZ3


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Love this add-on. It makes all the boss arenas move interesting to look at. I love how they each have a hint at what level is coming next. I only have two complaints:

(1) They make me want to explore the new terrain, but I can't get to it. Particularly the stuff around GF3. Sonic can jump high enough to reach it, but it teases me behind the other side of an invisible wall.

(2) The new capsules feel a little claustrophobic, with that platform just above them. Although I guess that's more of an issue with Ordo's New Capsules.
There's a bit of a bug where the time counter keeps going after most of the bosses are defeated. Metal Sonic, Brak Eggman and Fang work correctly, but the others don't stop the timer when they're beat.

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