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Are you tired of the same old unchanged Boss Arenas that haven't had too many new visuals since late 2.0, like GFZ3, THZ3, and BCZ2&3? Well do I have a surprise for you! introducing Upgraded Boss Arenas!
Play the bosses you know and love with UPGRADED visuals!
Each Act 3 has been mostly left unchanged, but has more visuals
to make the arena feel more alive, immersive, and somewhat fresh.
GFZ3 Feels like a mountain valley,
THZ3's train feels less like a dinky trolley,
BCZ3 is more mechanical, etc!

Including: GFZ3, THZ3, DSZ3, CEZ3, ACZ3 and BCZ2&3

V1.2 is out!

- All regular Animal Capsules have been replaced with Ordo's New Capsules! (thanks to them for making them.)
- ACZ3 from Ordo's capsules is now included, with major upgrades to both the train and the skybox! (this means you'll have to travel atop the train cars to reach the capsule)
-CEZ3 has some changes, including a new location for the Animal Capsule. (mainly to fix a bug with the animals disappearing)
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