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I said it was probably outdated, so I guess download 2.2.9 (possibly even 2.2.8) and use the exe with that.

Accel Momentum was made for an older release. I have it installed and working with 2.2.9
I'll probably make a new folder for it soon then.
Okay so I've given it a try, and I thought I should edit this post with my thoughts. I played around in the provided test stages (3DTest and 2DTest) as well as in GFZ1 and GFZ2. I was playing in simple controls using a DS4 controller with the following setup:
Jump: X
Spin: O
Move: Left Thumb Stick and D-Pad.
Turn camera left: L1
Turn camera right: R1

Generally, the physics do actually feel really nice to me. I feel very in control of Sonic and the other characters. In particular, I noticed that using the D-Pad or Thumb Stick to move was ideal for navigating around enemies and obstacles and generally precise movements with the camera pointed in one direction, while turning the camera with L1 and R1 allowed me better general turning both on the ground and in the air. However, I did feel as though it was a little too easy to halt your momentum in midair, leading to me failing to land some badnik bounces while acclimating myself to the new physics. That one ramp in GFZ2, you know the one, felt much nicer to spin through than it does in the normal physics, though I did feel like I might have launched higher and landed closer? I'm not entirely sure.

I appreciate the ability to maintain speed after launching off a horizontal spring, though an oddity with it is that this actually seems to be faster if you remain on foot as opposed to spinning. The same thing applies to dash panels.

Another small oddity is that it seems to be just a little too easy to launch yourself off slopes. While you can more easily use this to jump at the right time and gain great height, it sometimes leads to getting launched slightly when you were actually intending on remaining grounded while running up hill. This wasn't a big problem in GFZ, but in levels with more aggressive badniks this could potentially cause the player to become vulnerable in midair unexpectedly without a means to damage enemies. A suggestion I have regarding this would be to keep players grounded if they are in their running state up a rounded slope, but launch them if they are spinning.

I should also talk about the Thok: At first, I thought the thok was god awful with these physics. It feels really slow and generally pointless to use at first. Attempting to do some badnik bounces with it proved disappointing. However, toying around with it more proved more useful than I expected. While it still wasn't the launching juggernaut that it is in the normal physics, the ability to instantly redirect my movement in any horizontal direction did prove useful, especially in 2D. I do see potential in a Thok rework as opposed to outright replacing it, though I will admit it does feel very weak compared to other characters abilities and would probably be better off dedicated to a side ability rather than Sonic's main ability.

Speaking of 2D, this also generally felt nicer to play than the normal physics. In fact, I'd say these 2D physics are far superior. However, they aren't quite perfect. It seems as though trying to reverse your direction in midair after getting launched by a dash panel (and I assume springs as well?) results in you at best being able to fall straight down. This does make the thok useful for this purpose, but it still generally feels a bit off. I feel like in the 90's classics, you'd have a hard time slowing down in midair after being launched like that, but if you could manage it you'd still be able to reverse direction. Other than that though, it felt very nice and in control. I am curious how these physics would perform on circle shaped platforms of various sizes though.
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something else i'd like if possible is improved md3 functionality. like for example being able to make intermediary animations so you can animate things like smooth walk-to-run or transitional animations between different moves, instead of just being stuck with what the sprite animations give you. could lead to other stuff too like the characters being able to move their heads independently to focus on objects (i know pointy sonic's sprite does this but the point is you could make it universal with 3d). basically stuff that lets md3s take proper advantage of being full 3d. i wonder if maybe just switching over to models in general wouldn't be a good idea since it'd make mechanics like wall-running as well as any other mechanic reliant on character animation and 3d space much easier to implement. not to say i don't love and see the charm and craftmansship in 3d sprites, i just wonder if they aren't a bit inhibiting especially at this point with udmf maps coming etc.


the automatic camera could use a function where it temporarily changes angle based on vertical momentum. sometimes i need to manually tilt it downwards with the mouse in more tense platforming sections and i feel like i shouldn't have to do that.
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There should be a "restart run" button in the pause menu during marathon mode. It is a little annoying being forced to go back to the main menu and restart the run when you run out of lives or when you want to restart the run in a ultimate mode speedrun.

Basically just have a way to quickly restart the run and timer from the first level with the starting set of lives.

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I Have Been Listening To Some 2.1 Themes Recently And I Do Quite Like Them, So A New Music Setting I Would Like Would Be A Retro Option For The Music Changing It From 2.2 To 2.1 Music (Implemented In A Way Like The Midi Settings) And I Even Found 2.1 Songs For Dark City And Doomship On Youtube So When Those Are Added, No Trouble Would Arise.


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Raise the Limit on unique flats or make it so that textures used as flats don't count towards the limit.

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In the Addons & More Discussion section, I don't know if this is actually doable but it would be nice if there was a way to tell when the most recent updates to the mods were while viewing the list of threads so we don't have to take the time to open each one individually to check.
Hello, all! Since there doesn't seem to be a Kart specific suggestion thread, I'm just gonna post this here.

I am requesting an SRB2 Kart/Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers Universal Windows Platform port through the Xbox Creator's Program. This port would not only make SRB2 Kart a native Windows 10/11 app, it would allow users to play the game on both their Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S systems, opening up the game to a whole new audience! Not only that, this port would be future proof for future generation Xboxes/Windows 12 and beyond. Unlike the ID@Xbox program, the Creators Program is completely open, with fast certification, no approvals needed, and no NDAs.

The caveats I see with this potential port are three things. One, it seems like achievements are a no-go. Two, online (I don't think) can happen in Creator's Program UWP games. For SRB2 Kart 1.3, I could see that being a deal breaker for some. Fortunately, Ring Racers is seeming to be bringing vast improvements/expansions to both single player and local split-screen, two things that would be playable in UWP. I definitely think Ring Racers will still feel complete without online. Three, whoever handles the port would need to have access to the Windows Dev Center, which has a $19 fee.

For me personally, I'm so hyped for the release of Ring Racers. My trouble is, I've always been a console gamer, and probably always will be. I just can't justify getting the PC setup to play this game alone. Me, my family, and I'm sure many others would be brought so much joy to be able to play this wonderful game on Xbox. I hope someone with the skill set and the inclination reads this post and decides to take this up. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read what I have to say!


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an option for the play sound effect linedef action to overwrite the currently playing sound with a new sounds when both are tagged to the same sector


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‹Suggestion for new 3D models in SRB2›
Can add 3d models for Mario and Luigi from this mod (Mario and Luigi are cool, the author did his best) and 3d models for coins, goombas and koopa from this map
and you can also add 3d animation of how this robot are flattened,View attachment 73542 maybe others (Can make in the style of Jeck Jim's why not?)
can also make models for these characters
Yes, you might say "but there is a 3d model for it" yes, but not for all abilities therefore, it would not hurt to at least supplement them and, as a maximum, make new 3d models for Kirby
this thread is for srb2 and not addons
also, don't ask for people to do things for you, they'll do it if they want to
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add ultimate mode to the statistics menu
something like:
Ultimate Mode Clears: 1
Ultimate Mode Deaths: 560

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