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He's back from 2.1, ready to continue shooting all the things!

Tails Guy, being essentially Doomguy but with SSN's beautiful Tails head, weilds an arsenal of guns to shoot people with.
  • A shotgun that fires like an actual shotgun this time!
  • A rocket launcher, which he can use to rocket jump. That wasn't a thing in Doom, but you'll be very glad once you see his jump height...
  • A chain gun with a rapid fire, though using it slows him down.
Also worth noting is that he doesn't use rings for health, instead he has a limited amount of hp. It might sound good, since it can be restored with rings, but you might find later on its more of a hindrance than a help... He does, however, have a bonus for getting all 7 emeralds...
You may also want to play in OpenGL if you find looking up and down in software makes you nauseous, even if OpenGL looks a bit off.

Status bar and continue sprites were made by Pogofen.

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*My criticisms might be boiled down to a skill issue so please take it with a grain of salt

In spite of the limitations that playing as the Tails Guy entails, traversing the levels is still quite fun. *An issue that I have is that certain levels such as CE1, CE2, AC1, BC1, and RV1 which are almost impossible if you aren't collecting every ring or using his super form to avoid damage from rocket jumps (especially BC1). Not to say that I didn't have fun optimizing my ring count/health, using the extra hits for shields, using super form, and coming up with interesting routes. I just feel that it makes playing the game a bit more sluggish than I'm used to. This is still a very fun mod which will test your ability to avoid damage, use shields, and manage your rings/health.
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Amazing character, but he cant jump very high, so like, a mantle or double jump could help.
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If you're gonna use this, use OpenGL instead of software
Amazing character, 10/10
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When i read the title i was hoping for more of a "Doom Guy In: SRB2" thing, but i wasn't disapointed when i saw the screenshots and eventually played it. A funny and fun mod featuring Tails with a gun.
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Despite being mostly a joke character he's unironically fun to play as and I find myself replaying the game as him on occasion.
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