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Hey there do you prefer the old Tails? If yes it your perfect day, you see that old legacy tails that alot of people miss him

The old SSNTails is back with his old spindash speed and his style

He join the legacy gangs

SSNTails for his original sprites

Night frame made by Cotton_Candy_2C thanks for your help

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Just like with the SSNSonic release, playing as this version of Tails with directionchar movement turned on just feels wrong because I'm so used to staring at the back of this sprite all the time in older versions of SRB2. That and actually playing with Tails' old stat line where he moves slower, phew. But this is pretty faithful to the old Tails, and hey there's some good historical value for this game in that.

So welcome to releases, SSNTails, you were missed (but your slower movement wasn't!).
You can definitely feel that thrustfactor decrease while flying.

Honestly I wish this was using Final Demo stats -- that shit was hilariously bad.
Yeah I know it feel slow i did this to feel like 2.1 (I'll try to catch fault grammar maybe in the next project I'm creating)
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Nice to see the old tails. Currently working on 2.0 knux WHICH IS A TOTAL NIGHTMARE FOR ME.

(Actually, how do I post my wads?)
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Update 1.0.3

Now Tails have a proper night's frames and Tails can combo with hand-drawn Sonic thanks you Cotton_Candy_2C again
Also, Chuckles forgot to mention this, but I also restored the bottom of Sonic's shoe on the S+T icon.
The S+T combo also still works on the old Mostly Tailless mod, for just in case anyone doesn't like Multithok
Honestly I do wish he had his old stats from before 2.0 where he couldn't even go into his run state without speed shoes. It was pretty dumb, but honestly would make it feel a bit more like it's classic self.

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