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how do u turn it on bc mine isnt doning anything, do i have to do a command or somethin?

edit: nvm i found out what to do lol
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I hope there's a new update of adding a random character when you have any wads or pk3's.

You mean "I hope in a new update, that any character wads/pk3s you have loaded currently will be included in the "character/bot shuffle" (Which changes your character or bot to any character you have.)

If you mean just add random pk3s or wads in your folder that are unloaded... :/ multiplayer alone... if they don't have a file that the host has they all disconnect, that and that idea in general just kinda sucks.

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so a suggestion here

so i have an idea that you could make so if that you have an partner the partner will also change skin when the random skin thing happens


I'm loving this mod a lot. I've played through the game with it a couple of times so far, and I love the extra challenge it adds. I do have a suggestion, and I've also noticed what I think is a bug.

The bug I noticed is that the magnet effect doesn't show up at all after I pass Greenflower Zone. At first I thought I was just avoiding it through RNG, but now that I've played with it a lot it's definitely bugged.

As for the suggestion, one thing I'd love is if there was a way to turn off and on the chaos aspect of it but keep the effects. I say this because I really want to try and play through the whole game as tiny character, but it could also be used for other effects as well. The effects are fun in and of themselves, so I'm sad sometimes when one of the spicier ones cycles out. I know it's a chaos mod so this would possibly defeat the purpose of what you were going for, but it's just a thought I had while playing.

All of that said, this is a ton of fun. I look forward to future updates.

EDIT: I was wrong, magnet doesn't disappear after GFZ. I played around with the mod again and I had it for longer, but eventually it did stop showing up. I'm unsure of what the issue is.
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Right now Tiny and Giant seem to be bugged: They have a fairly good chance of crashing the game with a "mathematical exception" error. It'd be nice if it was possible to change the chance of each effect from happening so that it'd be possible to circumvent it if this sort of thing happens with another effect in the future.

Also, I think it's about time to retire the No charability effect and replace it with something else. It's pretty pointless when the vast majority of characters are not affected by it at all.


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hey all! it's been a really long time since i last updated this huh?

i'm working on a big new update atm, but for now i've come by with a quick bugfix, since some version before broke the skin colors stuff, so i had to fix it up. rip to the 1,570 downloads this had before

plans for the new update include an indication on how long effects last, an actual display on the HUD for the effect name, and maaaybe some new additional effects or tweaks to others, we'll see how this all plays out while i'm makin this new spicy update


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v2.0 is now out everyone! There are a heckton of changes, most notably the HUD has been improved and lua io is introduced since there's quite a few commands to look at!

Commands like chaoschance changes the wait time in-between effects, and now chaosprint is turned off by default because the HUD now displays what effect was just applied to the player! On top of that the icons have been revamped slightly to look a bit better.

There isn't any new effects per se, however "flingback" has been changed into "fling player" since it'll now launch you either forwards or backwards, "the ride never ends" has a chance of flipping either left or right, and stuff like "change skin" is now given a randomized timer so that it's more able to give you a different skin rather than the same one over and over again.

I do plan on doing another version after this just to add some final touches, but after that, I'll only plan on doing the occasional bugfix update.


I found a bug here that was in a previous version, where modern sonic seems to disable it entirely, requiring a skin change (which I seem to never be able to do, only sometimes getting a message saying I can't do it, and requires some other addon, such as character randomizer,) to get out of this disabled-chaos-edition state.


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Is this multiplayer compatible? I tried to connect to myself, but only got this error:
"Access denied to chaosedition/chaosedition.txt Clients can only access files stored in luafiles/client".
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Is this multiplayer compatible? I tried to connect to myself, but only got this error:
"Access denied to chaosedition/chaosedition.txt Clients can only access files stored in luafiles/client".

Well, because of that error.. I’m-a gonna say a very blunt “nope”.

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