SRB2: Chaotic Edition

[Reusable] SRB2: Chaotic Edition 1.1.2

Uh, yeah, what the title says. Sorry it took me too long to finally release this, this shouldn't even be an issue in the first place but something in SRB2's code broke this.
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Hey all, tiny lil update here! Just a few QoL changes, mainly regarding the 2P tails found in single-player, and the icons!
  • Updated the icon used for "No Abilities" when not playing in amplify mode.
  • Also updated all the icons to have palettes that closer match the SRB2 color palette, making it so shading is more visible.
  • Made this mod easier to work w/ in regards to the "& Tails" bot found in single-player
    A lot of effects that are either irrelevant or make it unreasonably unfair has been removed from being used by the bot
    Text now displays showing when the 2nd player gets an effect
Happy holidays, I've released a new update for SRB2: Chaotic Edition! This comes with some features I've been meaning to implement for a good while, and finally got around to doing it. All it took was for me to say "I want to make a christmas update for my mod" to do it... a day before Christmas.

Hope y'all enjoy, and have a good last few days of the year!

Chaotic Edition v1.1
  • Added some new effects!
    "Windy Day" Makes it so wind forces are applied to the player.
    "Incline Problems" give slopes extra grip on the player, slowing the player from running up them.
    "Bleeding" causes the player to constantly lose rings!
  • Added a new HUD element, a bar at the bottom of the screen shows how much time till the next effect happens! Can be disabled if you want.
  • Updated "2x Rings" and "Negative Rings" to apply to any case the player's rings increase or decrease; this makes it so ring monitors work, for example.
    This also makes it so dropped rings are affected by this!
  • Updated "Drifting Left" to include a chance for it to go right instead!
  • Updated "Funky Camera" to use some new SFX.
  • Updated the roulette to be a little bit faster; now it doesn't try to roll for effects that can't be applied in the first place.
  • Fixed issue with other mods that use the anti-ring sfx.
Hello everyone, it's been a good while since I've made a mod, or updated one!
This is a huge update that was written from the ground up over the span of a month and a half, it introduces a lot new effects, and operates a lot differently from the last.

Do note that I planned on hosting a server to celebrate this update, but my accursed sleep schedule kept getting in the way; I still plan on hosting a server though, so keep your eyes peeled on this post, maybe I'll host a server on my birthday :p (which is on the 27th, for the record)

Chaotic Edition v1.0
  • Mod has been slightly rebranded from "Chaos Edition" to "Chaotic Edition", just to prevent confusion with other things named "chaos"!
  • Revamped the code behind the scenes entirely; it was really messy due to my inexperience with lua, but now it should be a lot less nightmareish to handle.
  • Changed the name of "Bad Mode" to "Amplify Mode", since that's really more of an apt name.
  • Changed some effects that previously weren't coded so well, i.e. Black Hole.
  • Not all effects are removed on respawn/level change, some carry over. Most of the more annoying ones are removed, however.
  • Given stronger support for match mode, meaning this can be used to tor--entertain people trying to play a good ol match of CTF.
  • Added brand new effects!
    - "COMBO TIME!" causes two new effects to happen at around the same time.
    - "2x Rings" is the opposite counter-part to "Negative Rings", giving players double the amount of rings instead!
    - "Reversed!" is an amplify mode exclusive effect, which causes the player to be instantly reversed.
    - "Bouncy Floors" does what it says on the tin, just hope you aren't slamming into the floor from too high!
    - "Lucky!" gives the player extra luck! This can include occasional dodges from hits, greater chance of good effects, etc.
    - "Firework" turns the player into living fireworks, launching them up into the air! It has a small chance of also exploding, best not be in the exploding range when that happens!
    - "Moonjump" grants the player infinite double jumps!
    - "Zero Gravity" removes the player's gravity, as the name implies.
    - "Busted Controller" is an exclusive effect for amplify mode, where it causes the player to do random things, due to your controller being broken!
  • Changed up some of the effects!
    - "Spawn Object" has some more objects, and displays what object was spawned in the HUD
    - "Tiny" is a little bit less tiny, should prevent clipping out of the map... hopefully.
    - "Spawn Object" has a lot more objects it can spawn now!
    - Some effects have their duration and chance rate tweaked compared to the last version! Hopefully it'll be more balanced...or not ;)
  • Future plans down the road include SRB2Kart: Chaotic Edition, keep an eye out for that! It won't be easy to port, but I'll try my darndest to make it work somehow!
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