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Apologue is a set of Singleplayer / Co-op levels I've worked on for SRB2, turned into a neat short little campaign-style experience.


  • Amy, Fang and Metal Sonic are now unlocked from the get-go.
  • Renamed game data.
  • Fixed ? getting unlocked before players complete unlock requirement.
  • It is now possible to complete all levels with Amy and Fang.
  • Theme overhaul for GPZ, and a new little gimmick added to distinguish it a little more from other levels.
  • GPZ music now loops properly (Thanks VILEWORX!)
  • Fixed HOM in GPZ (Thanks VILEWORX!)
  • Fixed some objects buried under a FOF in GPZ (Thanks VILEWORX!)
  • Removed sector-based spike floor left-over from 2.1 version in GPZ (Thanks Simon_T!)
  • Minor gimmick added to the final section of TWZ (to be expanded in the future)
  • Restored 2.0 music for FHZ (without replacing current version) because it fits the level better.
  • Quick object placement tweaks in MRZ.
  • Removed unnecessary flow-breaking bustable block in QCZ, and fixed camera getting stuck in the first slope tunnel.
  • Several visual tweaks to multiple levels.
  • Fixed some loading errors.
  • Fixed some minor oversights.
  • Lots of visual tweaks to several levels.
  • Music now loops properly for MRZ and TWZ.
  • Various changes and reworks to several questionable areas to make the levels flow better.
  • Re-ordered the levels to make the difficulty curve more consistent, no more easy levels late in the campaign or difficult levels early on.
  • Slightly altered MMZ Theme so we don't have theme overlapping, to give each level its own identity (Thanks Frostiikin!)
  • Extended FHZ with an additional section near the end and added a short alt path near the start to bring it to a length similar to the rest of the levels (Thanks Ace Dragon!)
  • Added a new Boss Battle after QCZ, bringing the boss battles count to 3.
  • The Boss battles are evenly spread across the campaign now, and each make use of different gimmicks to make them stand out against each other.
  • Hid 7 Chaos Emeralds in the levels.
  • Renamed the MAPSLOTS so they don't overwrite the default game levels, so those who like to have multiple levelpacks loaded in their servers can do so.
  • Enabled Record Attack.
  • Removed credits, intro and outro cutscenes so the players don't have to sit through them again after finishing the last level (Thanks Telnaior!)
  • 2 cute small unlockables added, 1 for completing the game and 1 for finding all emeralds.
  • 8 Unique platforming stages.
  • 7 Hidden Chaos Emeralds.
  • 3 Boss battles.
  • ?


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With ten levels in total making up its own single-player campaign, and two extra unlockable levels besides. This is a bit much to go into the levels section. So congratulations on being the first 2.2 submission to reach the mods sub-forum then!


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Nice level pack! Quandary Canyon Zone was my favourite. The boss of the ice zone was good, the slippery floor definitely made the boss much more challenging. I just have a few bugs I would like to point out:
There are some missing textures in some levels, most of these are fairly hard to notice but it's still worth pointing out.
The music in the lava level and the factory level doesn't loop. The factory level's case especially bugs me because it starts and ends with the same "3, 2, 1" voice clip.
Other than those two issues, these are some pretty good levels! The short alternate routes are a nice touch.


When you stated that Metal Sonic was not supported, I was incredibly confused.

So I played though the entire pack with them.

So, only Amy and Fang have problems.


Quite a fun level pack, though some parts are reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaally tough. Like, the end of Molten Mine with the rising insta death lava was absolutely brutal for me, and the THZ boss on that slippery ice arena was harder than Black Eggman, lol. I still enjoyed my time, though, even if goofing around cost me a few game overs.

When you stated that Metal Sonic was not supported, I was incredibly confused.

So I played though the entire pack with them.

So, only Amy and Fang have problems.

Fang and Amy can't spin. Metal can, so he can complete pretty much any old level ported into 2.2 due to how similar he is to Sonic.
lol true, I could adjust the friction to make it easier and I might also change the lava to damage instead of insta-kill. Glad you like it :)
v1.1 is up, here's what's changed:
  • Minor visual tweaks to GPZ and QCZ
  • TWZ and MRZ music tracks now loop properly.
  • Adjusted friction of FHZ boss level to make it slightly less difficult.
  • Made the rising lava in MRZ damage the player instead of insta-kill them, this gives you a brief moment to escape to nearby platforms before your invincibility runs out.
  • Removed the 2 old / outdated unlockable levels, rather not have them drag the whole pack down lol, I have two new levels in the works though and will include them as regular levels when they're ready.
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That was quite fun. I take it you like heat, since most of the zones were pretty lava-y or just hot in general XD
:P It's just Mine Maze and Molten Ruins, I could easily change that though to make these two more thematically unique. Glad you like it!
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Just uploaded v1.2:
  • Some visual changes in MMZ to make it more visually distinct and less like a fire / lava level.
  • It is now possible to backtrack a little in MMZ, just to let people roam around the level in co-op if exitmove was turned on.
  • Visual update to HPZ to make it less flat-looking.
  • Slightly extended some areas in HPZ to make them less tight / crowded and more speedy.
E: v1.3 (oops, noticed some odd things while testing this in a netgame session and decided to not leave them unfixed)
  • Fixed some untagged Death pits in MRZ
  • Removed Boss levels and SLZ from Race Rotation (Race is still not really supported, this is just a side addition for those who still really want to try it out in Race)
E: v1.4, this should have been added way back in 2018 but I never got around to doing so until now
  • The levels no longer overwrite default game campaign levels and use unique slots between H1 to HF.
Hopefully I'll add more to it if I ever get enough time to do so, Happy New Year!
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very interesting level pack! i like the level design. also, this might be the 3rd or 4th 'mine maze' re-imagining i see in srb2 mods.... STJr really needs to re-add this level into the game, seems like its a fan fave lol.

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