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-Noo!!! you can't play this!!! is lazy and an awful creepypasta!!!!

+haha funny exetior and sark go fweeem


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Allow me to feel my excitment for this character with a image:

I can't wait to play this masterpiece of a Exeitor!


It would be cool if there was a kind of separated wad that just gives the character and not changes the entire game and maps.

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I'm not sure if it's made on purpose or not, but when you don't have knives, Exetior does a woosh sound effect if it's locked on an enemy


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Pretty fun, if albeit unstable on my end with frequent crashes. Would be nicer if it was possible to harass other players and collect their souls with Exetior. >:D
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Fun character, but unfortunately, srb2 can't be inappropriate, due to it being sonic. The srb2 community will have to cancel Exetior. Sorry, blurt.


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Hey, so the infinite souls command doesn't exactly work. I still need to kill a certain amount of enemies to pass the level. Unless that's intentional, in which case that's just me being dumb and not understanding things.
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The command is for the shop currency souls, not the kills required souls.
As awesome as this is, there's a few problems with this character:
1. The Insanity Mode can be activated in Special Stages
2. Sonic has no transformation sprites and just stands there, I suggest fixing that, as well as some bugs that come with being Super (despite not normally being accessible, maybe give him a new Super Colour)
3. The new Black Core Zone Act 2 boss still uses explosions, as if he was still robotic, I suggest maybe replacing the explosion graphics with electricity.
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The "exe_infinitesouls" console command doesn't work. It just says it's off and that's the default. Please fix this up Thanks!


about the cursed exe, its actually v2 of it since v3 had a disguise thing where u held custom 3 and ur sprites get replaced with ssnsonic
soooo the super secret is wrong
that doesn't change the fact that sonicexev2 is atrocious

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