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Since more character packs have been releasing lately for SRB2kart thanks to the increased character limit in servers, I figured I’d publish mine that I’ve been using for quite some time.


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Created an "individual" zip file that contains everyone in the character pack as separate pk3's, all updated to their latest versions (which are the exact same as the combined file's).
And here comes the biggest update to the pack: Version 1.4, with four new racers ready for action! I hope it was worth the wait, these new racers (especially Hatsune Mike) took me quite a bit of extra effort. ^^;
Been quite some time, so here's another update, changes in the changelog like always.

One thing I'm sure you guys might be wondering about was my decision to remove Kid Chaos. Needless to say, his sprites aged really poorly (pillow shading, some perspective/anatomy mistakes, and a voice that made people ask "why does he have Wario's voice?") so I'm taking him out of the pack until I get him re-sprited with some new, fresh looking sprites and equipped with a more obscure voice that's not as easily recognizable. He will return in a future update, likely Version 1.7.
After two months in the making, Version 1.6 is finally ready. Two new racers, a two-tone update for Slash, and a general overhaul for Robo-Hood so he can return to using his signature color once more.

Version 1.7 won't have much new when it launches sometime in the future. Kid Chaos will return to race once more with new and improved sprites and a new voice, plus one other racer I've been teasing for a few weeks.
After some time, Version 1.7 is now ready! This update I dedicated entirely to giving Kid Chaos the love and respect he deserves with completely overhauled sprites and a new, hopefully more fitting voice!

I do have a few other characters to work on but I'll be saving them for Version 1.8 (however, one or two of these characters may be added in a v1.7.1 if the main attraction of v1.8 isn't finished anytime soon).

Anyways, thanks everyone for being patient and having faith in the return of Kid Chaos!

EDIT: I noticed a small error with Kid Chaos' turning frames (they don't bump up and down when driving slowly) so I provided a small hotfix in both the main file and the separate version as a (h)otfix that corrects this issue.
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Version 1.7.1 of the pack is now live, containing the much-hyped up GDQ mascot Velocity and Sony's beloved Pipo Monkeys after a month of work (in Velocity's case). I also reconfigured the attachments into one basic image that will get updated over time. (though I might do something special for Version 2.0 of the pack when the time comes)

Now why isn't this 1.8? Well, 1.8's key star is still in production.
Version 1.8 of the SJB Character Pack is now out, with a helping dose of Marina Liteyears from the N64 title Mischief Makers.

So what's next? Well I wanted to go on a small pseudo-hiatus from developing SRB2Kart racers after finishing Marina so I could work on some of my personal large-scale art among other things. I do have one more character I want to develop (for Version 1.9) along with some minor adjustments to some existing racers before the great Splatoon update of SJBCP v2.0.


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A small update has launched to fix up some characters' sprites- the biggest change was to Vinny to give his hat the ability to change color alongside his jacket. Among other changes made include new signpost art for Hatsune Mike, some touchups to Joel, and a new steering wheel for Gargoyle.
The time has finally come! For the past several months I worked back and forth on bringing you some racers from Nintendo's Splatoon series, including two Inklings and two Octolings! Big thanks for your patience as I've had other things I had to contend with over the year that impacted my ability to make more racers. Rest assured I won't drag out release dates by opting to make more than two racers at a time. OTL

Anyways this will likely be the final release for the Kart 1.x era as the pack is already getting quite large. So with that I will be going on a semi-break from working on more racers until v2 drops, and I'll be setting sights on making major improvements and fixes to every character I had made before the release of Hatsune Mike. A lot of these racers were made while I was still getting the grasps for the authentic SRB2Kart style, and when the time comes I'd like to give my oldest racers some much-need QoL updates in the form of a tuning update while also aiming to make some new racers. If the pack gets too large, I will split the contents of the pack into two distinct volumes while still offering one large combined pack for those that still want to host everyone in their server.
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After a few months in the making, it's time for another update. And this update returns to two unlikely candidates being given the "overhaul" treatment.


That's right- complete re-sprites of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff just the way you like 'em. Now you can feel even more like you're stepping into the shoes (or... whatever Hella Jeff's wearing) of the legendary duo. And of course, TheStolken's equally legendary voiceovers further bring the magic into the duo.

Part of the reason this took a while was after the completion of Version 2.0, I thought I could just relax and get back to doing other things, but after taking a closer look at the pack in its current state it was clear that I had some unfinished business, namely with the racers that got into the pack before Version 1.4. A lot of them were clearly outdated and screamed for major to minor updates in some way. So I spent some time going through and fixing absolutely every issue I could gather from the pack's earliest racers. So what got changed, you might ask? Well...

  • The Inklings had any and all errors I could find with the spritework ironed out, in particular Inkling Girl having a few frames where her headphones become the uncolorable neon green color and Octoling Girl having a random lighter color in the highlights of her hair. All of them also had their sprites re-aligned just to be safe.
  • Kid Chaos's front sprites now have proper symmetry, and all frames also received a re-alignment.
  • Scott Pilgrim gained some updates to his spritework, plus a neck and a new signature color to make the best of his two-tone outfit.
  • Vinny and Joel both received updates to their sprites and Joel traded out his baseball cap for a fancy viking helmet. Vinny also was made a bit less heavy stat-wise and Joel was given a new signature color to make the best out of both the helmet and the outfit.
  • Noid got some much needed leg surgery and a bit more shading/anti-aliasing in parts where he needed them.
  • Opoona received a new, more stylish signpost frame. The old one was stupidly bland and lazy and the new one should make scoring victories with him far more satisfying.
  • Robo-Hood's back sprites had their accidental ghosting fully removed, meaning the transition between turning and driving straight should feel a lot more smoother.

The only racer that didn't get updated is Slash, who I'm saving for the next major update to the pack alongside a new racer or two. You may have also noticed I took Pipo Monkey and the Self-Propelled Bomb out of the pack's main roster. The Pipo Monkey was removed on the grounds that it felt a bit on the lazy/rushed side and the Self-Propelled Bomb was a late, late last minute addition to Version 2.0 that felt even lazier and lacked the extra oomph that the other two converted racers (Robo-Hood and Gargoyle) had. Unlike the fate of Kid Chaos several versions back, they both are present within the separate racers pack for those that wish to play them, I just find them currently unfit for the main pack.

That said, I'll see you in another few months or so with another update, I got some interesting content planned for the next release and I would like to keep it in the works until it's ready.


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A quick, urgent fix has been applied to the Noid racer in the "separate" .zip file to re-add the missing "squished" frames. If it didn't load previously, it should now load in correctly.

Other than that, no other change has been applied to any other racer or to the full pack itself. There are a few upcoming edits/tweaks I'd like to make but I'll be saving those for when an actual new racer is introduced.
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This just in:

The doctor... IS IN

Dr. Dude, the one-and-only Guru O'Groove, is complete and ready to rock out like the world's raddest surfer dude on the biggest waves ever. And just to show his coolness like no one else can, his ride is super fast and quite bulky.


Along with the debut of SRB2Kart's first ever pinball mascot, a few of the other dudes got some coolness added to them:

  • Slash Kamei received some small but significant tweaks to his spriteset to include a wider range of color that was not present on the original version from January 2019. This should make many of Kart's two tone palettes look much nicer on him as a result. Slash's signpost art also got an upgrade and includes his hand gesture from Snobow Kids Plus to fill in some of the emptiness of the original signpost art. Lastly, a new, more stylized minimap sprite was drawn out.
  • Velocity's turning and drifting sprites (from the front and back) were altered to better play into the "cheated angle" they use. Amusingly, this includes the original drifting frame drawn for the character last Summer, which is now used for drifting to the left while his right drifting sprite is the sprite he's used for some time now.
  • Beat's signpost art received some tweaks to the hair to smoothen it out and make it look better on two-tone palettes, especially his signature Quarry color.
  • Any and all inconsistencies with Kid Chaos' shading have been smashed, particularly the vibrating B1, D1, and F1 frames
  • Some leftover garbage pixels from Sweet Bro's hair were ironed out.
  • Joel's neck during drifting frames was given some tweaks so it looks not as cursed.

Plans for the future have not really changed. Now that all the touchups I wanted to give to my pack's earliest racers are now taken care of, I can finally focus on new racers entirely. As for what's next, I will be working on both Sunset Overdriver and Spring Man back to back and will roll them out over the course of one or two updates depending on how closely together they both get finished.

Not long after updating the pack to include Dr. Dude, I discovered one of his voice clips had the wrong filename leading to it not playing correctly. A hotfix update (v2.2h) was issued out as a result- if you downloaded the new version immediately when it first rolled out- grab this update just to be on the safe side.


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After two months of progress, I present to you all Version 2.3 of the SJBCP, introducing two new racers in ARMS' Spring Man and Sunset Overdrive's unnamed protagonist. Spring Man is relatively balanced, keeping with his balanced role in ARMS proper while Sunset Overdriver goes all out on speed to mimic his blistering grinding and parkour speed and his source game's style meter mechanic.

There aren't as many fixes/touchups this time around, with most of the work going into the two newcomers and the number of old racers needing fixes/revamps steadily declining over the past few months.

  • All of the separate and conjoined .pk3 files have been updated with the correct file formatting, adding "-" instead of "_" before the version number.
  • Hatsune Mike, being the last of the racers from Winter 2018/19 I deemed "needing updates" received modifications to improve the overall quality of his sprites: an updated and more expressive face, a neck, and some touchups to the shading. He was also given a new minimap sprite to replicate the style of Miku's starting from Kart v1.2.
  • The Vinesauce duo received several small tweaks. One of Vinny's voice lines was swapped out and Joel got a few touchups to his face and hemet (plus another prefcolor change). Vinny himself will get a few more minor touchups, but that won't be for some time...

With everyone now properly up-to-date and these two racers I worked on for months finally seeing the light of day, I can put all my work force into a mystery project of sorts, followed by a duo of racers, another solo racer or two, and then what I plan to be my magnum opus. If Kart V2 somehow releases during the work process, I'll have to drop all current progress on new racers for the SJBCP and work on getting everyone into the new kart body- otherwise you'll be stuck with filler sprites and maybe a palette conversion oddity or two.
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Thanks to everyone that tried out the newest update to the pack- to hold you guys over while I recover from another case of burnout (gathering refs and grinding through a few more upcoming racers in the meantime) I have another .1 upload to share but at least unlike the Dr. Dude update it wasn't serious enough that I had to make a patch the day I post the initial main update. So what's in it for this one?


Well, two things, one major and one minor. The major change with this update is Vinny got a few changes to clean up his sprite. It's still not perfect but it should improve his presentation until I feel like completely redoing the sprite from scratch, which won't be for a good while cause he and Joel didn't really need the updates they got as much as characters like the SBaHJ duo, Scott Pilgrim, and Slash. So if I do make changes to either Vinny or Joel, it'll be minor fixes if anything. As for the minor change, one small error I overlooked regarding the Sunset Overdriver was fixed, making his darkest teals (actually a green because SRB2Kart has some great dark teals) was one of the recolorable low-contrast greens rather than the sharper high-contrast greens.

There's not much else to be said otherwise. The OC's have been reintroduced back into the Archives section of the separate racers zip file but are all under one file to keep them together, and you may have noticed Bullet Kin was removed from the general roster. That's because he was moved to a separate character pack to make organizing the mini-kart racers from the bigger racers and updating them separately simpler. The OC's are all due for a total redraw sometime in the future (but not until the Kart V2 era kicks in) and I have two racers in WIP status and a duo in pre-production that, due to the desire to get them out sooner, I've moved ahead of several other characters in the queue (don't get me wrong, I still want to get to all of them). How that'll play out will be seen when I don't feel massive fatigue after working on kart racers since March.


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Version 2.3.2 is now available, which fixes an error in Hatsune Mike's sprites. And as I was doing that, I got two individual requests- one to make a certain character's audio stereo so they can hear it in full detail, and another to make the Gloat clips for everyone not suddenly cut off at the end.

So I went and gave every racer that didn't have a proper Gloat/had a Gloat that got cut off and/or had some or all their voice clips be in mono audio proper stereo voicelines and sounds and redid the gloats so they now capture both the voice and the echo afterwards in full detail.

This should hopefully be the final update to version 2.3 and there's not much else to say that hasn't been said. The "Mystery racer" is still well into production but may not be finished until late August early September, and that's because in a shocking and rather sudden twist thanks to a reemerging trend on the Discord server, the OC's that have not been touched since forever are getting remade, starting with Justin and his long forgotten brother and older cousin Matt and Amy. Since I'll have to throw progress between both the mystery racer and three OC's at once, the overall work force will be slower than I anticipated, but if this means they won't look like late 2018 crust like my earliest racers did I'll consider that a good reason to go and finish them.

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