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This is a slightly updated version of my Summer 2020 OLDC entry - Rustic Templar Zone.


Includes 3 Global Emblems (2 Record attack specific emblems) and a variety of character routes for replay-ability.

The level is unlocked by default. To access the level, On the start menu select Extras then Level Select. The level should be above Greenflower Act1
- Fixed softlock on Metal/Amy path towards the end
- Some changes in the 1st room
- Moved the Trapgoyles closer to the button on Amys 1st path
- Made some sections and actions clearer though-out the level

- Fixed flat alignment on some sectors
- Made final door already open by default
Any bugs or issues? Post them here or let me know via Discord! Please do not repack this level with out my permission. Assets may be reused


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The content that you've put in here is really well made. The challenges flow well, and the visuals are solid. If this were from any other creator I would be gushing about how well done they are. But I know you, MK, and I know your work. There's a certain level of spectacle you capture in Azure Paradise and Emerald Knoll that I just aren't feeling here. There's a whole lot of energy to be felt here- it's a very quick, concise, and energetic stage. On that front I think it's on par with the aforementioned stages.

The issue is that I don't think there's enough level; there's not enough to do after you've gone through either one of the main paths. There's a path split that filter's characters that break spikes, and characters that do not. Every other split is only a tertiary route for hidden goodies.

After only a few playthroughs, I didn't feel compelled to play the level again. It's very quick to exhaust all you can do in this stage, and while my first playthroughs were an adrenaline-filled blast, I can no longer find enjoyment out of it. It feels shallow in content.


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I'm honestly surprised this didn't atleast get top 2 in oldc. I was legitimately betting on it either this or kwiin's map winning. Regardless, this is an insanely fun map, you really outdid yourself here, mk! This and Metallic Madness share my #1 spot for favorite oldc map.


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Okay, let's get started!

I want to note that you have not configured the level to start immediately after starting a new game. Did you do this on purpose? Or that there was no gamedata? In any case, this is your choice. I don’t blame you.

This level is awesome. It looks like the creators of the original srb2 made it. And also music. She is so perfect for this stage.
The visual is beautiful. I really liked the textures. But, it seemed to me that you gave little detail to the sky.

This level is unique to me. In terms of... well... there were times when I said to myself "Damn it, I'm stupid. How did I not guess before?" I think... this is my problem.
I thought for a VERY LONG time how to open this damn exit, but it turns out you just need to GO TO THE DOOR. this is genius. I wasted so much time looking for a button or whatever...

My eyes run in different directions

It seems to me that at the level everything is well done for different characters. But I don't really like that there are too many elements at the level, created only for Amy.

It is very strange that this wall stands out. I thought it could be destroyed or somehow opened, but no.

I liked looking for emblems. They are hidden well, but they are not difficult to get. You managed to do it correctly.

Why can these gargoyles be moved? All gargoyles that are not associated with puzzles cannot be moved. And these can be. It got me thinking.

Here I will list the errors I found. It is very good that there are few of them.
Some you cannot fix because Sonic Robo Blast 2

what the...

here's a little issue

I doubt this is your problem.

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Maybe that's what you intended? I don't know, but I found it strange.

This is one of the best levels I've ever played anyway. I would have had a lot more fun if I hadn't played as Fang the first time ... and if I hadn't been so dumb.
I liked having a path for Metal Sonic. What kind of fashion is this? But I like it.

This level deserves a 9/10.


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Okay, let's get started!

I want to note that you have not configured the level to start immediately after starting a new game. Did you do this on purpose? Or that there was no gamedata? In any case, this is your choice. I don’t blame you.



I hope you did not use the console to go to the map- there are unlockables that require the game not to be set as modified.

EDIT: My bad I didn't see your whole post.


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Thank you. Glad you liked the level. I see i still need to work on directioning more since i can see you had trouble with a few things.

If the level feels suited for Amy thats just a coencidence since i always try to keep make it accessible for all characters. I had a softlock in the OLDC version which i patched up here due to a oversight on my end :S

As for those errors in the final spoiler, most of them are srb2 issues sadly but i'll make an attempt to fix them. That unidus that is facing the wrong way? Thats on me, whoops!!
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Oops I forgot to update this. So I did today, Nothing special, just some flat alignment fixes and that unidus