This is a slightly updated version of my Summer 2020 OLDC entry - Rustic Templar Zone.


Includes 3 Global Emblems (2 Record attack specific emblems) and a variety of character routes for replay-ability.

The level is unlocked by default. To access the level, On the start menu select Extras then Level Select. The level should be above Greenflower Act1
- Fixed softlock on Metal/Amy path towards the end
- Some changes in the 1st room
- Moved the Trapgoyles closer to the button on Amys 1st path
- Made some sections and actions clearer though-out the level

- Fixed flat alignment on some sectors
- Made final door already open by default
Any bugs or issues? Post them here or let me know via Discord! Please do not repack this level with out my permission. Assets may be reused
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All I gotta say is it has great level design, music, and it's really awesome! Really well made stage for this one imo.
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It's really good! The level design is top notch and brings challenge yet openness to an SRB2 level. The music, even if it isn't original, is GREAT and fits the mood, all the unique mechanics feel right at home, and I'm pretty sure it works for all characters! My only issue is that (while the visuals are pretty good) it does get a bit stale after a while, maybe it would be better if you added a few more unique platforms, and colors, it would be really cool!
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Amazing level! I really like its design, as well as the game of textures. MK - you are a master at making levels. Keep it up!
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