Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update

[Reusable] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update 4.4

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


Rafael's back! Bringing a new set of sprites!


He can look like it didn't change nothing, but he got extra sprites now!


He can hug! With Tatsuru's Everyone Hugs lua script, he's ready to give hugs to whoever the person is!


He also has an skid sprite that isn't that much used by others. :/

Other Add-ons Support

Now when there are mods that contain custom modified sprites, Rafael has support for it!



He has an emote now. Wait... did that badnik explode? Oh wait, the animal gave a gift! It's a ring -_- Welp, now when they hear the music you're playing, they gift you a ring :/ Have fun with that.

And he teams up with some characters! Can you guess who they are?


- Initial release.

- Ability changed. (Homing Jumpthok)

- Ability changed. (Multithok)
- Moving of the thread to a new one, leaving the old one as the "Legacy" one.

- Some fixes.
- Changed it into a pk3.

- Character resprite!
- Hug support.
- Ability changed.

V3.1. :
-Adds a new emote.
-Fixed a misspeled text.

V3.2. :
-Fixed hugging sprites.
-Super can now chill and hug too.

V3.3. :
- Super has an different expression when hugging.
- He teams up with another character.
- His emote music got replaced with a deltarune soundtrack.

V3.4. :
- Fixed chill music.
- Changed a sprite.

V3.5. :
- Chill music has now a midi version.
- Removed an extra slot.

V3.6. :
- Bug fixes.

V3.7. :
- Rafael has now an appearance at the title screen.
- Added 2 extra slots.

V3.8. :
- Fixed all the issues that involved character slots.
- Added an extra slot.

V3.8.1. :
- Fixed a front walking sprite.

V3.9. :
- Fixed the side sprites offsets.

- Dirk surfing sprites are now implemented.
- Added an extra slot for an upcoming character.
- He has now Kirby Support.
- He has now XMomentum Support.
- He can use his ability a 2nd time when jumping off springs!
- Added a new emote. (don't worry, it didn't replace chill)
- Chill is now activated/disabled by pressing Tossflag.
- Fixed the Titlescreen sprites.

- Fixed Hugs script giving errors when Skip is loaded.
- Added the XMomentum SOC soo that he can show his fail trick sprite if the mod's loaded before or after Rafael is added.
- Added 2 extra slots.

V4.1.1. :
- Added the DirkChars SOC.
- He now has winning sprites!

V4.2. :
- SRB2P Support available.
- New signpost art.
- New winning animation.
- Added an Extra Slot.

V4.3. :
- It now has Milne's Kazotsky Kick Support.
- 2.1Raf is available now.
- Blocky Rafael updated to v2 thanks to Snoc.
- ???

V4.4. :
- Added the homing attack from DrTrystan's RafaPatch.
- Added commands.
- Fixed some offsets.
- Emotes were fixed thanks to Frostikiin.
- Super sprites were updated.
- Chill has now a super theme.
- Kazotsky Kick Dance fixed.

In case you want to customize the add-on settings, the commands are :
[B]rafa_jump[/B] (It lets you jump like a normal human would, for it to be activated do rafa_jump 1, do the same but with a 0 to remove it.)
[B]rafa_trik[/B] (Missing the old homing already? This command is what you need, just do rafa_trik off and enjoy the gameplay.)

Introducing Block Rafael


It's a model of Rafael but in a blocky version of him! And V2 is out!

To add him, you just need to drag the folder "BLOCKRAFAEL" to your models folder
Here's the text you need to paste in your models.dat


Just to point out that this is a model that's IN BETA STAGE, i did not create it, it was Classic which is known as Specsic on Discord, and also thanks to Snoc for doing some animations for v2

Introducing Rafael in 2.1


Yep, you heard it right, he's now ready to discover the things he missed in the past. Also Thanks to MotorRoach for letting me use some stuff.

Special Thanks!

For fixing one of the issues of the character.
For giving permission to use Everyone Hugs Lua Script.
For letting replace an music from the game.
For making the lua ability.
Tropluckyfr and DrTrystan
For being a beta tester./For making the rafa_jump command!
Bloopsdoob and Glaber
For the chill script and the dance music.
DrStephen and Lat'
For giving me indications and letting me have srb2p support.

"We hope you like this mod as much as we did making it!"


Supporters / CoAuthors



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(I hope some people see this) This add-on here will have a re-resprite as well as some new abilities for those who don’t know. This character probably won't have a separated thread for himself but if it doesn't, it will mean that the remake version will be separated as an extra from this thread, or by other words, the re-remake will be found in the same thread as the remake add-on.
Thank you for viewing this page and downloading this add-on, it means alot to me. And also one more special thanks to those who helped me make this mod what it is today. Take care ✊

Here's an old drawing I made.
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Is this an update to your already released character? Because if so, you can simply update that thread with the new version, instead of making a new thread.


Probably Responsible
The last release was a "Legacy" version, so I think a new topic is fine, there's a clear distinction. Welcome to releases!


Is this an update to your already released character? Because if so, you can simply update that thread with the new version, instead of making a new thread.

Like D00D64 said, the last release was an "Legacy" version of it. I could publish the 2 1. Port but that would be a waste of time since everyone moved to the current version and the judges maybe wouldn't aprove it. Legacy Rafael was just a start, his character won't be updated anymore. If anyone wants to port it to an updated version in the future, you can fell free to do soo, as long as he or she gives credit to the original author. Even through it wouldn't be that much of a mod

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This is pretty cool mod, mod cool, cool/10

The MB rated 5/10 (maybe) but thanks for the exagerated rate :)

EDIT : The MB now rated 7/10 (maybe), cool. :)
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Kid pretends he's the real me

I've found a kid that says that he's the real me even through I'm the real one. I never expected someone to make this lol.

EDIT : I told him not to do this again and he deleted the vídeo. If you didn't saw it, it was a tutorial of how to install srb2 and a strange way of getting Legacy Rafael on a Sonic 3 AIR website?
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SSN Mighty enjoyer
welp this character is very interesing i was aware about it before his official release and hes quite original actually,GG RAFAEL YOU MADE IT


V3.3. :
- Super has an different expression when hugging
- He teams up with another character
- His emote music got replaced with a deltarune soundtrack
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Just Luxis

Probably dead.

Eh... this happens, dunno why.
(I don't really know to do this of images, so... i only can upload the image to see it.)
Error: The music when you are vibing doesn't work, instead appears a looooot of errors.
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also its not deltarun its deltarune

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uhh how to tell that.the lump dont work
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