Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update

[Reusable] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update 4.4

This thread contains content that may be reused, modified, or ported by anyone.


Here's the discussion tab where you can let your opinion about it without being a review or just talk about it for some reason. Download links for the model and the 2.1 mod can be found here as well as the mod itself.


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Just to clarify that this add-on will have a resprite again as well as some new abilities for those who don’t know. I won't make a separated thread for this version but I'll still let it here as an extra for archive purposes. Thank you for viewing this page and downloading this add-on, it means alot to me. And also one more special thanks to those who helped me make this mod what it is today. Take care ✊

Oh by the way, here's an old drawing I made from the time where I was cringe.
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Is this an update to your already released character? Because if so, you can simply update that thread with the new version, instead of making a new thread.


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The last release was a "Legacy" version, so I think a new topic is fine, there's a clear distinction. Welcome to releases!


Is this an update to your already released character? Because if so, you can simply update that thread with the new version, instead of making a new thread.

Like D00D64 said, the last release was an "Legacy" version of it. I could publish the 2 1. Port but that would be a waste of time since everyone moved to the current version and the judges maybe wouldn't aprove it. Legacy Rafael was just a start, his character won't be updated anymore. If anyone wants to port it to an updated version in the future, you can fell free to do soo, as long as he or she gives credit to the original author. Even through it wouldn't be that much of a mod

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This is pretty cool mod, mod cool, cool/10

The MB rated 5/10 (maybe) but thanks for the exagerated rate :)

EDIT : The MB now rated 7/10 (maybe), cool. :)
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Kid pretends he's the real me

I've found a kid that says that he's the real me even through I'm the real one. I never expected someone to make this lol.

EDIT : I told him not to do this again and he deleted the vídeo. If you didn't saw it, it was a tutorial of how to install srb2 and a strange way of getting Legacy Rafael on a Sonic 3 AIR website?
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welp this character is very interesing i was aware about it before his official release and hes quite original actually,GG RAFAEL YOU MADE IT


V3.3. :
- Super has an different expression when hugging
- He teams up with another character
- His emote music got replaced with a deltarune soundtrack
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Just Luxis

Either doing nothing or watching you sleep.

Eh... this happens, dunno why.
(I don't really know to do this of images, so... i only can upload the image to see it.)
Error: The music when you are vibing doesn't work, instead appears a looooot of errors.
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also its not deltarun its deltarune

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uhh how to tell that.the lump dont work
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