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Every map I released has been updated to varying degrees so it's HIGHLY recommended you don't play the standalone versions of these maps since they won't be updated again.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Featured Tracks
Sleeping Egg Zone K

My own take/reimagining of Sonic Chaos' 3rd zone, Sleeping Egg.

Lazy Summit Zone

Use tree bouncing shenanigans to soar your way to victory!

Robotnik Winter Zone

Based on Sonic Triple Trouble's 3rd zone, watch out for the icy roads and tricky turns!

Jade Driftway Zone

This track looks oddly familiar...

Hadal Trench Zone

Journey to rock bottom in this nautical adventure!

Coconut Mall

What's that? You mean you don't want Mario Kart tracks in your Sonic fangame?

Featured Tracks (cont.)
Eerie Catacombs Zone

Eerie with less Grove and more Catacomb.

Tempest Ridge Zone

Race across a cursed mountain side filled with demons!

Mission Street

Sonic Adventure 2's Mission Street just without all the robots, speeding jets, and explosions.

Weapons Hangar Zone

Storm Robotnik's desert military base, keep caution for exploding barrels!

Final Fall Zone

Sonic XG's Final Fall Zone in all it's glory. (also Hidden Palace!)

Thermal Terminal Zone

Fire and water meet in this dangerous factory!

Music Sources

v4 Changelist
Sleeping Egg Zone K :
-Brand new textures courtesy of TelosTurntable
-Additional minor visual changes
-Black spring ramps replaced with red spring panels
-S turns are sloped

Lazy Summit :
-Updated skybox
-New music
-Adjusted colormap
-Airboost fofs replaced with Chengi's Boost Rings
-Added a new bridge shortcut
-Second to last turn slopes were adjusted for better visibility
-Final turns have merged into one large turn
-All floors with the spring panel effect actually have the correct flat

Robotnik Winter Zone :
-Minor rework to the final turn

Party Cruiser Zone :
-Removed, replacement map soon(??)

Jade Driftway Zone :
-Adjusted a slope to prevent unintended waterskipping
-U-turn before the red springs has been sloped
-Growth should no longer break the first half of the stage

Hadal Trench Zone :
-Map completely overhauled from scratch
-New music

Coconut Mall :
-Shortcut has red spring panels
-Fountains use springs to launch players a set height instead of slope physics

Eerie Catacombs Zone :
-Very Minor visual changes
-Adjusted slopes on the 90 degree boost panel turn to allow better visibility

Tempest Ridge Zone :
-Visual imprvements
-Removed mobjscale

Mission Street :
-Waypoints should be fixed (??)
-Resloped one of the turns to be much more smooth

Weapons Hangar Zone :
-Now Available!

Final Fall Zone :
-Visual Adjustments
-Last shortcut should reliably work now(??)

Thermal Terminal Zone :
-Major visual improvements

Credits: (taken directly from the maincfg)

TelosTurntable : Sleeping Egg Textures

Chengi : Boost Ring textures

Revan (Icefox) : Skyboxes used in Robotnik Winter and Tempest Ridge

SwitchKaze : Lua used in Robotnik Winter

Lat' : Lua used in Final Fall

Monster Iestyn : Changeskybox Lua used in Final Fall

Snu : Lua used in Coconut Mall and Final Fall

ScarlyNight : Provided textures and skyboxes used in Final Fall

D00D64 : Optimizing Lazy Summit and for creating the skybox for the same stage

Q.T.D. : Visual Assitance on Thermal Terminal and for providing textures used in the same stage

***DISCLAIMER : Jade Driftway is a modified version of Jade Valley, I only retextured it and altered it's layout to fit kart. I did not create Jade Valley.***


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Welcome to releases! Some excelent work on display here. We'll have to see what to do with the topics for the older, single levels, since this pretty much obsoletes them. Anyways, good work!


Sometimes I sprite "things"
*Sees last image on attachments*

Oh god my favorite track came from 2.0.x era. I'll give this wad a try, Nice work.


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v1.6 released. 2.0 map, Forgotten Ruins is now available. This is probably the last 2.0 map I plan on porting so I plan on giving Forgotten Ruins and Onyx Forest a bit of a visual upgrade sometime.
If you stay up on the raised section of the U-turn before the finish line in Party Cruiser and drive over this raised section, it does not count as you passing the finish line and advancing a lap.


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If you stay up on the raised section of the U-turn before the finish line in Party Cruiser and drive over this raised section, it does not count as you passing the finish line and advancing a lap.

Thanks for the feedback this has been fixed for v1.7 which is now available, see the changelist for details.


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v2.2 hotfix released. Thanks to Snu the Nightmarepack now supports the final lap music mod! To not increase the file size even more, an alternate version of the Nightmarepack is available for those who want to use the final lap mod on their servers.
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Updated to v2.5. Nightmarepack now has 2 battle maps that also support battle plus. See changelist for details.


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v2.6 has been released. Hotfixes the lua error that'd appear upon adding the pack and includes a Party Cruiser semi-rework. See changelist for details.


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Updated to v2.8. Coconut Mall now replaces Forgotten Ruins. See changelist for other details.
If I were to make any comments, you could probably replace the SpongeBob/Rock Bottom gag in Hadal Trench with a more proper finishing line, like Chao cheering in some underwater glass domes/shark tunnels next to the track while in the back, you get a view of the open sea off a cliffside- it'd look a lot more appealing and feel more concussive IMO than staring at a wall after finishing the race, especially with the tone of the music in play.

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