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sonic heroes is a good game

He's back. I don't have much to say about that.


Micro's name now makes sense, as he is now smaller than than the vanilla cast.


His new Super Jetpack allows him to stay in the air for a bit.

Credits to:
Lach for Flicky's flying lua so I could fix Micro's flying.(I got permission to use it)
Spectrum for helping me fix this lua bc I'm stupid.
All of my playtesters. (including my sister Gem)
And Cotton Candy for SRBii, as his mod gave me the inspiration to make this.

Try it out!
(Colonel Noodle not included)

I added a little something in there as well. See if you can find it!
(might have to look in the files.(it's nothing bad I promise))

Supporters / CoAuthors



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I really like his new design! I've never seen anything like it, but it makes perfect sense for the character. His gameplay is also fun, and the super sprites look great!
The moveset is simple but fun, and the model is really cute. The retro, 90s render style of SRBII suits the design well.
this character is cute, simple, and fun to play

and with XMomentum it gets better


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Why don't you make him have 16 rotations like the other pre-render mods?
Other than that, cool mod! It's cool to see Micro back and better than before.

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