pc, i meant idk which one of these to download. is it the pk3 file


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Fun Fact: up until this point I was using models specifically to make the only ray available at the time (SSTH ray) fit in with the rest of my characters, but now I can finally turn off models thanks to the new ray mod made by Team Combi Rings.
would love it if you listed links to the mods you made the 3d models for
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you accendently removed sa sonic from the pack which was added in 1.6 of this mod i took the files of sa sonic and sa2sonic and put them in the new version then edited models.dat to have a call sign for those areas this is an easy fix for people who had noticed and the creator can do the same as a bug fix/re add of it i wont be distrubiting the fixed version as anybody can do this as long as they have a file manager and a text editor i recremend notepad on windows
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also the accendental remove of sa sonic was an easy fix and can be done by the owner but untill then please take the sa sonic from an older version and put it in the newer version make sure to edit models.dat with the new sa sonic stuff
also the removal of gamma was due to it being broken right?
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as a side note we need an omega to complete team dark
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No requests, Read the rules. But I suppose you mean to ASK THE QUESTION "Will you update your Ray model since we have a newer version of Ray for SRB2 now?" I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just trying to help you avoid getting slammed by others, Or the rulebook.
Got it man
idk why i did this
Ray's model doesn't rotate during flight, which makes it very hard to play as him with the model on. Is this something on my end, or is it a known issue?