They actually do look quite close, in my opinion. Pay close attention to the shoes and the head.
It's probably a edited version of the Rush model. He did the same thing with Gamma when he got a model (SA1 model) and edit it so it can fit in SRB2.
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I think i funda It It where eyou keeps your addons levels and stuff what next?
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Someone said to many spanish words
It's no use i aready deleted it
No i deleted almost all files of models so it's now just Sprites for everyting
I suspect your a kid tbh. The way you talk is..... fishy....

But to get back on topic: I do think these are one of the best SRB2 Model Packs ever.
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Jeck Jims updated Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models with a new update entry:

Chaotix Update

Chaotix are Here!

Not much to say here- Espio and Mighty have been updated to match their newer versions- Vector, Charmy, Heavy and Bomb all new. Knuckles had a single frame update to fix the offset for his.. knuckles in his spring up animation.

-No Battle mod support or full FKIK Dances- Possible future update but don't nag me for them please...

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