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Mediocre Lua scripter
A lot of things are happening lmoa
I can't even keep track of how many projects are still hyped up for.
Either way...

It is time to go

Time Stone graphics not included.
That is right, I am planning to make a Blue Spheres special stages mod, replacing 2.0's stages in Multiplayer with good ol' Blue Spheres.

Mechanics completed
  • The 4 main Spheres used in S3's specials.
    • Blue Spheres: Those are the essential spheres for a Special Stage, and the namesake. Collect all of them to beat the stage and get the Emerald. Watch out though - after collecting one, they turn into...
    • Red Spheres: Keep an eye on those at all times. You'll never know when you'll be running into them. Touching a Red Sphere makes you end the stage prematurely, without the Emerald.
    • Spring Spheres: These yellow balls thrust you up whenever you step on them. Helpful for traversing gaps of Red Spheres.
    • Bumper Spheres: The gray ones with a red star. Touching them bumps you away like one of SYZ's bumpers.
  • Walking into one edge of the stage makes you warp to the opposite edge, like you're walking on a planet.
  • Lack of character ability. Can't cheese the stages with Tails and Metal now!
  • Touching a Red Sphere or getting the Chaos Emerald makes the camera spin out like it did in Sonic 3.
  • Auto-running option for expert players.
To do:
  • Red Sphere/Ring Conversion rule: if there ever exists a perimeter of Red Spheres which is filled with Blue Spheres, the shape turns into Rings.
  • Possibly mechanic requests? Don't count on me implementing the grid though.
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Maelstrom Of The Wind
You fucking genius!
Man, I've only seen a glimpse of this and man, I'm eager to see what this turns out to be.


Chili Dogs
Suggestion: to replicate the spherical aspect of the special stages, make visual portals that make it a never ending loop

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