Huh, what do you mean i map too fast? The game's mascot is sonic gosh darn it, i need to be fast.

Welcome to Frantic Freeze Zone, starting developement after Molten industry Zone i took a look at my old maps and remembered that i always wanted to make an ice stage, a good ice stage, so here we are.

Being a 2 act stage, with the second being a boss, FFZ offers alot of penguins and





v1.1.3 - The fix didnt work, the elevator is dead now, blame the devs
v.1.1.2 - Quick fix to the end elevator for MP
v1.1.1 - Fixed what i broke, a water fof has been fixed and now the boss act doesnt have skybox snow.
V1.1 - Way too many to put here, the highlights are that some death pits have been removed/replaced, and now you get sent to the title screen after completing the mod.
V1 - Initial release

TelosTurntable#9752 - For the redrawn ERZ textures, they fit right in with the stage's design.

Kwiin#3921 - For the token location in the 2D section.

StudioOddity#4632 - For name of the stage.

DEUS (aka Antimodern) - For the Egg Frostburn port for 2.2.

TehRealSalt - For the Game Gear Capsule, FOF capsules are dumb.

Dead#0480 - For the snow in the skybox fix.

Zolton#4312 - Game me the idea of doing a 2D boss battle, that i sadly i couldnt manage to do, so they are here for participation points.

Everyone else in the srb2 discord who gave out ideas and encouragement, yall deserve a hug!

Gas Jet Sonic doesnt exist, he cant hurt you.
Gas jet Sonic:


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Kind of feels like the "Blue Mountain Sequel" to Molten Industry, which I find cute. That being said, being overly frantic(heh) with death pit water usage, especially around areas where the level expects you to gain speed by slopes, kind of feels cheap at some points. Having some areas where water actually plays to the benefit of the player could help it out, and make it even more distinct from Molten Industry, which is all about deadly liquids. Still nice though!.
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V1.1 - Way too many to put here, the highlights are that some death pits have been removed/replaced, and now you get sent to the title screen after completing the mod.

I should probably play test stuff more


God damn, you really made this whole thing in such a short time? It looks gorgeous with all of the detail you've sprinkled everywhere to make it really feel like this factory is alive. And on top of that, it's so fun to play too, the level design you've got here is really solid. It's a joy to run through, and you made some clever use of the gimmicks to keep the game play fresh. I absolutely adored the 2D section. I never thought you could make conveyors work in that mode without breaking it, but somehow you did, and you made it engaging too! You did a really great job here!

Solid SOAP

Nice level! A huge improvement over your last one. Also that 2D section with the conveyors was a really cool idea! A bit frustrating to use, but I didnt expect it.

Also the boss was great too! Feels like something that would've felt at home in the base game.


EDIT: Why not throw some emblems here and there? The level has some good exploration in it and would benefit from an emblem hunt.
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Just played through the stage! There were a number of things that I enjoyed about this, and the 2D section was a cool addition! I just wish that it was an idea that was toyed around with a bit longer. Though take that statement with a grain of salt. I'd much rather be left wanting more than getting too much and not enjoying it. It was relatively easy to keep my pace to progress forward. The only thing I didn't care for was the boss. I just didn't care for it. Sometimes I got stuck in "get frozen" loops and could never ever escape. Overall though, I like it! Great job.


This was interesting!

This felt like a Metal Sonic map to me. Keeping momentum using slopes and well-timed jumps was a ton of fun here.

The aesthetics are impressive for a map made in less than a week.

The death pits in the factory didn't feel necessary to me. If you had to climb out of a walkable water pit, you would lose your momentum entirely (which is a different kind of blemish on your run). The death pit in the exterior areas felt reasonable, though.

Also, the indoor death pits were a bit hard to recognize for me. Maybe some kind of fade to black might help them be more distinguishable.

In the 2D section, moving toward and away from the camera didn't work for me. I felt like I couldn't see where I was going on the conveyor belts, and I felt like I didn't have good control over which plane I'd be in after I got off the conveyor belts.

(Also, I don't have strong opinions on boss acts generally, so I don't have much to say about Act 2.)

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