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What if i dont know the color of a character?
Isnt there a command that lets you spawn a bot with the original color of a character?
(Ex. I dont know whats the color for tails, so i type in the console "addbot tails [skin]" and it will spawn yellow/orange tails)
I was hoping there would be a way to set how a bot acts, like making the modded character "Tangle" use Fang's AI rather than Sonic's. But I don't think that's here, is it.
I thought I had seen all the changelogs! I hadn't seen 1.5's overrideaiability command. Whoops. A little help in using it?


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Just In Case I WILL Find A Way For Bots To Control Like Human Players For Us, Hell, I Might Make A LUA For It, But I Will STILL Try To Find Out And Expiriment.
cool! if you do find a way to do that, i'll download it :)
also if i understood lua, i would've tried to do that, u know, make it so the bots act like humans

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