foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots

[Open Assets] foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots 1.7


  • Revised AI based on CobaltBW's ExAI mod, with additional features and fixes
  • Support for any combination of players and bots in multiplayer
  • Predictive movement logic for more efficient following and enemy bopping
  • Improved understanding of (vanilla) character abilities, shield abilities, and super forms
  • Independent behavior for grabbing rings, monitors, etc. as appropriate
  • Support for attacking objects or destructible walls their leader pushes against
  • Spectator support for non-respawning game modes (can guide bots to next starpost when dead, etc.)
  • Integration with rejointimeout to remain in the game as a bot after client disconnect
  • Automatic control handoff between player and AI based on input (like Tails w/ Player 2 input)
  • Option to disable AI entirely for an experience similar to FuriousFox's ClassicCoop mod
  • ... and more! Give them a shot, they may surprise you :)
Beep Boop
Use addbot <skin> <color> to add bots into the game, and removebot to remove them.

Alternatively, use setbot to turn yourself into a bot, which will allow an AI to take over while AFK.

Most commands are available in splitscreen by appending "2" - addbot2, setbot2, etc.

>> Alternatively, try out the simple foxBot launcher for Windows versions of the game. <<

Console Commands
Use bothelp to display all available commands in-game at any time.

Here are some of the important ones:
  • ai_ignore - Ignore targets? (1 = enemies, 2 = rings / monitors, 3 = all)
  • listbots - List active bots and players
  • setbot <leader> - Follow leader as bot (-1 = stop)
  • addbot <skin> <color> <name> - Add bot by skin etc.
  • alterbot <bot> <skin> <color> - Alter bot's skin etc.
  • removebot <bot> - Remove bot
Screenshots / GIFs
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  • srb20053_c.gif
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  • srb20054.gif
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  • srb20061.gif
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  • srb20065.gif
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  • srb20067.gif
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  • srb20082.gif
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  • srb20088.gif
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  • srb20095.gif
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  • srb20128.gif
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Latest updates

  1. v1.7

    General Changes: Support for 2.2.11 - fix deprecation warnings and other issues Improve...
  2. v1.6

    General Changes: Support for 2.2.10 Add "addbot" / "removebot" commands to add / remove bots...
  3. v1.5

    General Changes: Allow bots to always respawn in special stages, even when player-controlled...

Latest reviews

Great mod! I just wish it had BuddyEx's "Team Sonic" option, and that swapping characters was easier.
Upvote 0
Just by watching the GIFs attached, I can tell this mod is revolutionary. With such complex behaviors, it definitely outmatches BuddyEX. Great work! I do hope to see further updates if you plan to do those.
Upvote 0
Im finally have friends to play!
Upvote 1
Tamda istediğim şey
Upvote 0
This is defiantly one of the best mods ive seen for srb2. My only problem is that the bots like to transform in to super and won't change back. idk if there's an override combination that helps with this but either way, 10/10 mod.
Upvote 1
I finally have friends to play with
Upvote 4
This mod... is absolutely outstanding.

Never before have I ever thought, "Wow, this AI plays like an actual player at times," because the teamwork that they can perform with you surprises me everytime.

I even had a moment where I was combo bopping badniks in Greenflower Zone Act 2, and when I ran out of enemies to hit, Tails came flying right in and snatched me right out of the air so that I can find others to continue my combo, something that I've NEVER seen happen before.

I honestly believe that this is revolutionary, and if any more changes happen in the future to allow the AI to synergize itself more with the player, then this will automatically be the best addon to ever be created for Sonic Robo Blast 2.

It's *that* good.
Upvote 4
this feature is really cool man! ngl its quite fun playing with bots. i just have an issue tho, everytime i try to use the command setbot, i can't really add a leader is there something i did wrong or anything? but overall really good
Upvote 0
Excellent, never play without it. The bots are obviously great and get seem to get the most attention, (and I certainly remember being shocked at what a killing machine Tails is,) but the character switching is the really great thing. It's absolutely great to be able to swap characters between yourself and your bot on the fly, especially with mod stages or a source of randomization.

Also it mostly made Kirby stop eating me in Encore mode. Mostly.
Upvote 1
Spawned Whisper the Wolf, she tried stomping a crawla four times only to give up and shoot it point-blank. Perfect.
Upvote 2