foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots

[Reusable] foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots 1.6

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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  • Revised AI based on CobaltBW's ExAI mod, with additional features and fixes
  • Support for any combination of players and bots in multiplayer
  • Predictive movement logic for more efficient following and enemy bopping
  • Improved understanding of (vanilla) character abilities, shield abilities, and super forms
  • Independent behavior for grabbing rings, monitors, etc. as appropriate
  • Support for attacking objects or destructible walls their leader pushes against
  • Spectator support for non-respawning game modes (can guide bots to next starpost when dead, etc.)
  • Integration with rejointimeout to remain in the game as a bot after client disconnect
  • Automatic control handoff between player and AI based on input (like Tails w/ Player 2 input)
  • Option to disable AI entirely for an experience similar to FuriousFox's ClassicCoop mod
  • ... and more! Give them a shot, they may surprise you :)
Beep Boop
Use addbot <skin> <color> to add bots into the game, and removebot to remove them.

Alternatively, use setbot to turn yourself into a bot, which will allow an AI to take over while AFK.

Most commands are available in splitscreen by appending "2" - addbot2, setbot2, etc.

>> Alternatively, try out the simple foxBot launcher for Windows versions of the game. <<

Console Commands
Use bothelp to display all available commands in-game at any time.

Here are some of the important ones:
  • ai_ignore - Ignore targets? (1 = enemies, 2 = rings / monitors, 3 = all)
  • listbots - List active bots and players
  • setbot <leader> - Follow leader as bot (-1 = stop)
  • addbot <skin> <color> <name> - Add bot by skin etc.
  • alterbot <bot> <skin> <color> - Alter bot's skin etc.
  • removebot <bot> - Remove bot
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Nice One, Now with Foxbot, I can Recreate Team Sonic In Multiplayer, And Single Player!
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very cool and fun. I can 1 shot eggman now! , So This Addon gets a 10/10.
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this addon is great now my team is finished and wanna ask one thing

which set of commands do need to make the bot play in matches, ctf etc?
Upvote 2
This is by far the best bot mod I have seen. I love how the bots really look like players, with path finding logic and enemy bopping. I recommend you make a command where instead of the bots following you in a line, which is one bot just following the other up to yourself, they can all follow the just the player, which would make having a bunch of bots easier for them to catch up to the player.
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Great addon! Tails is following his dreams as actually helping Sonic out.
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Most outstanding work ever! Its just perfect in everyway possible!
It makes the game feel like... well a game! PS: I don't know what the cfgs mean in the foxbot launcher
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Honestly, this is really good. Now I can pretend I have a friend with me when in realty I have no friends at all... PS: it makes me sad that the AI can't detect when you are about to fall and need to be carried up flight unless you do it manually.
Upvote 1
Super Awesome Fox!
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this is truly awesome, you did a great work. I never tought that i would ever see an AI like this in srb2
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Great Work Fox!
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